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  • In your theme folder will be a style.css file. It contains thousands of lines of css to style the site. The @media lines control the narrower browser windows of pads & phones and will most likely inherit the link styles set before. Unfortunately you have a big learning curve here. You need to identify which bits of css are controlling the link colours, then you can change them. Using a browser inspector can help greatly. Using an ftp program would help editing as the built in editor is appalling. Dreamweaver or something similar is ideal. Possibly BB Edit or similar.

    Welcome to the ghastly time consuming frustrating world of WP.

    But since you bought a Pro version, as someone said, you ought to be able to ask for solutions from the vendor.

    Ok you also have to comment out lines 348 on and inset $sort_by = 'rand()';

    // If the source is random but entity_ids are present we assume that this is a temporary/"fake" random
            // gallery created by randomly selecting X image ids that are then set as the gallery entity_ids
    		elseif ($this->object->source == 'random_images' && empty($this->object->entity_ids)) {
               // $table_name = $mapper->get_table_name();
              //  $mapper->_where_clauses[] = " /*NGG_NO_EXTRAS_TABLE*/ <code>{$image_key}</code> IN (SELECT <code>{$image_key}</code> FROM (SELECT <code>{$image_key}</code> FROM <code>{$table_name}</code> i ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT {$this->object->maximum_entity_count}) o) /*NGG_NO_EXTRAS_TABLE*/";
    					$sort_by = 'rand()';

    Brings back the randomness.
    Pity the thumbs are blurry. I’ve tried ‘Random image gallery with light box’ which has a beautifully crisp thumbnail, but is unable to display the photo title.

    Hmmm. It reappears but it only shows the same thumb each reload, instead of being random.

    I think I might have found the offending file.

    Line 80 on:

    // Allow ONLY recent & random galleries to have their own maximum_entity_count
                if (!empty($this->object->display_settings['maximum_entity_count'])
                &&  in_array($this->object->source, array('random_images', 'recent_images', 'random', 'recent'))) {
                    $this->object->maximum_entity_count = $this->object->display_settings['maximum_entity_count'];

    If one comments out these lines the widget reappears. At least on localhost. No idea why.

    Ok it must be an integral part of NextGen, though I can’t find any settings in NextGen itself, only on the widgets page in Appearance.
    I’ve got it set to show random thumbnails from a particular gallery, set in Gallery ID. On site it says ‘no images were found’. Changing the gallery ID makes no difference however if I change the setting to ‘all galleries’ instead of ‘only which are listed’, the widget comes back to life.

    Hmm. Turns out they are only dark using localhost. On site they are ok, but won’t open in lightbox (using that version). Instead they are opening in a new window.

    Not this widget. It’s one called simply NextGEN Widget. Which I can’t find. Sorry. Can’t delete the post though.

    Yes me too. A collection of posts with the same subject would benefit from having the date of posting.

    Thanks. I’ll do it when I’ve got time. As the local version is for testing at least the galleries seem to be working properly.

    The permalink (eg http://localhost/2014/05/3307/) appears with ALL plugins disabled. It appears if I post a gallery when the other plugins are disabled. If I then go on and disable nextgen, it remains there, pointing at the gallery. We are running eleven 40 pro theme. If I change themes, it’s still there. I don’t know how to attach a screenshot but the page source shows:
    <!– Pagination –>
    <div class=’ngg-clear’></div> </div></p>
    <p class=”entry-permalink”>http://localhost/2014/05/3307/</p></div>

    The actual gallery path is wp-content/gallery/carnethy5-2014
    If I click on ‘scripts’ in safari’s inspector whilst the entry-permalink element is selected it goes to jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.js but I don’t know if this is coincidence and unrelated. It’s a long complex bit of js and I’m not sure what I might be looking for.
    The gallery display IS set to fancybox. However changing to ‘no lightbox’ in other options makes no difference.
    I don’t think I can come up with any better information. And I can’t think of anything I haven’t turned off and on again.

    More or less resolved – see this thread
    I’ve got the localhost installation working on the 80 and 3306 ports and the galleries now display properly. BUT… there’s a permalink also showing below the thumbnails, and I don’t know how to make it go away. It was also there when MAMP was set to ports 8888/9, when the galleries weren’t working.

    The only slight fly in the ointment is that the gallery thumbs are displaying with a Permalink below. How do you turn that off?

    If you are also cloning an active site to localhost I did it by using Updraft to backup to Dropbox (I couldn’t see a way to simply download to disc) and downloaded the files from Dropbox. I then used Updraft ‘upload backup files’ and selected the files that I downloaded. I also used Tools – Export (from the live site) and Import the resulting xml file (to the local site). Don’t know if this is really necessary but it’s easy enough. Then I went to phpMyAdmin in the control panel of the remote server. Selected the correct database (if you aren’t sure, try them until you find one with the same list of items as your local one) and, well just follow the instructions in this page referred to previously.
    Going to your own phpMyAdmin from MAMP start page import the file.
    If you make a new database you have to find and open wp_config.php in a text editor and change the name of the database on line 19 to the local one. Once things are up and running you can delete the old database. I think that’s all. I worked it all out using that link.

    I confused the issue a bit with the information about copying a site to localhost because I was trying to do that as well as change the ports to 80 and 3306.
    Anyway it’s extremely easy to do the latter, and no re-installation of WP is required. So, assuming you DO have wordpress already installed locally, and working on ports 8888/9, set MAMP to the other ports. Open the start page and launch phpMyAdmin. Select the database in the left hand column (presumably you’ll only have one, and you probably remember the name of it from installing WP). On the drop down list select wp_options. Click the ‘Browse’ tab in the resulting window.
    The first line should be siteurl with an option_value of http://localhost:8888.
    Double click on it or click edit and change it to http://localhost
    The database page runs over 2 pages. At the bottom go to page 2 and find option_name home and change that to http://localhost as well.
    I’m using a mac so I don’t know if windows addressing is the same but as long as you get rid of the 8888 part I think it should work.
    I had to clear the browser cache to get it to forget the 8888 but it was that simple.

    When I get time tomorrow I’ll write up how I did it. There were the usual added
    complications. And as I can’t seem to edit the last post which I wrote rather hastily I’ll say here that actually I used both parts of that page. The manipulation of the database in phpMySQL is crucial.

    So MODS… DON’T marked this as solved yet. Or ever ideally; it’s a very annoying habit you all have.

Viewing 15 replies - 451 through 465 (of 492 total)