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  • Thanks. In general, I replaced the Z-URL Preview
    CSS Settings default code from this:

    #at_zurlpreview img {
    width: 100%;

    to this:

    p.imgp img {
    max-width: 50%;
    height: auto;

    Worked great for all posts, old and new, in display. Fooled me initially as it didn’t reduce size when added, but when I viewed post, all good now.

    Thanks again!



    Works for me now on the 3.3 plugin version and WP 4.6.1. Note: The 3D Tag Cloud Options appear on the Settings Menu of the Dashboard, not the Appearance Menu as shown in screenshots from an earlier version I think. Shown here: – Kind of mesmerizing when you move the cursor over around over it.

    Thanks Vinoj!

    My pleasure. Thank you!

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    Hi Deni,

    As you suggested, I just placed your code at the end of the child theme functions.php as you suggested and it works great.

    I really appreciate it. I expect this will actually be better than what I was trying to do via supplanting the site_name with the post_title. In part, I think this tab title change will not get overlaid on WordPress updates.

    In any case, I am doing multiple edits on numerous pages in one browser window at a time on the news section and this will allow me to see enough of the post name to keep them straight. I never had this requirement before, but I run into it almost daily now and this will really help me.

    Thanks again,



    Got it. Certainly understandable. 12k did seem like a bunch. I tried trimming the meta data but still the same error. I will try some other things tomorrow or so. Will let you know how/if I resolve.

    I appreciate the support and the fine plugin. It really helped me quite a bit over the last couple of years.

    Thanks again,

    Hi Anmari,

    Thanks for the tips. Definitely helped me with some ideas. I am still having problems, but don’t want to make the problem worse as I can still operate well enough, though your plugin helps immensely in daily operations.

    I am still getting that error. Here is what I have tried.


    if ( ! defined( ‘WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT’ ) ) {
    define( ‘WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘xxxM’ );


    I went from 40 to 64 memory there. I see the change on the About screen. I am on a shared server with Midphase – support over there added a php.ini file with some added memory there in the public_html directory. Not sure if they have to match, but expect the php.ini is the overlord. Anyway, the about screen now shows 64. Same error.

    2) I did look at the myPhpAdmin databased and they looked fine at a glance. I do have a lot of users (12k) and was able to export some with times to help me ID some I can delete. I would like to avoid that and since I have more memory now, figured I might be able to get running again and try the User Last Login Plugin going forward to remove dead users. But that will take a while and it a bit rough cut anyway. Still erroring so….

    3) Tried deactivating/reactivating the plugin. Didn’t seem to help.

    I have exported my reports for AMR, so I expect I could uninstall the plugin and add it from scratch. Think that might reset things?

    I do have a lot of users, but am hesitant to go that way unless I have to (and frankly, given the memory increase and the nature of this error, not sure that would really help).

    Mind if I ask your advice given the above and your experience? In any case, hope this dialogues helps someone else too. Though, clearly would be better info if I actually get it solved.

    Thanks again for the plugin and your speedy response.

    This is what I am working on – DAC
    Cloud Desktop

    I never figured this out and based on that and the issues I was having on mobile, I just went back to a page selected for the home page instead. Not super on mobile quite yet…

    WordPress is awesome. Thanks to all.

    @santeven – thanks for noting my mistake that the theme is 2014.

    The problem with adding a third sticky post is it makes mobile devices wrap, whereas two sticky posts are perfect for that. I tried your noting of a blank/space only title/content post/page and no combination seemed to work.

    Anyone know what the jcrop.gif is for? Could that be it? Tried to change it but didn’t see any difference after clearing the cache.

    I know that graphic comes from somewhere and just wish I could make it black like the rest.

    Appreciate it,

    Correction, the theme is 2014 and the site in

    Thanks. This
    worked great for me and I posted a comment on that page on not only how useful and easy it was to add, but what it did for my site when used in conjunction with the “amr users” plug in and Justin Tadlocks adding and using custom fields code.

    Great stuff. Thanks,


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