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  • Hi, sure – I can create a login. To which email address shall sent the credentials?

    Best regards,

    I’ve got the same problem. I’ve checked the request with firebug and there’s resulting a 503 Error, which means that a service is not available. This might be if there was a high load – e.g. because of a but who was sending a lot of mails via the form in a short time – in this case the server doesn’t respond for a while. That’s why the issue is only for a certain period and not continously. Most hosting providers have a Anti-Spam Filter setting which can prevent a 503 which was caused by the issue described above.

    But in my case, this Anti-Spam filter is activated and you can also see in the Access Log, that there is no huge amount of POST requests with a 503 response – so in this case the load is not the limiting factor. Any ideas? … Hosting provider is Strato AG, Germany

    Thanks a lot in advance.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)