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  • Because I also had this same confusion, just to clarify for anyone who didn’t understand SRD75’s shorthand:

    • After you install Bootstrap Basic as a theme, or a child theme based on it, it may look as if the main content, including your site menu, is below a blank space on the left and the default WordPress widgets on the right.
    • This is because WordPress puts the default widgets into the “Header right” widget.
    • Go to Appearance > Widgets and expand the “Header right” widget space shown there. You should see these default widgets that are shoving your content down the page.
    • To fix, drag all the widgets (or all but, maybe, “Search”) out of the “Header right” widget space. You can either move them to the left area of your admin workspace, where your available widgets are located, waiting for you to use them. Or you can move them into the “Sidebar right” widget space, which is probably how it should have looked in the first place.
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)