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  • Hi, thanks.
    But if I wanted to set a 404 as they say in the Tweet, how would I do that in WordPress for such directory pages?

    It’s possible that google will check more details after detected changes and find mistakes which weren’t visible before. So, my personal opinion is that you should continue with new changes (without huge delays between actions).

    What do you mean by this?

    Thank you!

    I also would think so,
    in fact the first people I contacted was Yoast.
    They told me they had a problem like that in Yoast version 7.0

    But I was updating from 8.0 to 12.4

    I have been literally the past 24 hours on a computer talking to many people in many forums and apparently it seems the problem is the mod autoindex
    that was set as ON by my web host by default.

    But I have had the same webhost for years and this issue never started, it started the day I installed “TablePress responsive extension”.

    Some people in 2 different forums told me:

    1) It’s possible that installation of some plugin have opened link to wp-content listing which has enabled by default.

    2) a plugin might have accidentally leaked a wp-content/ link somewhere that did in turn lead to these indexing.

    I also trust your plugin more than Yoast, since you seem a very precise person, but if I go in my history, the only thing I did that day when the problem started was installing your extension.

    Maybe a coincidence, but I haven’t found any other culprit so far.

    And now I asked the host to finally turn off mod autoindex from the htaccess file, but still 100 directories have been indexed and my site has been negatively affected, and I am just praying this will fix itself.

    But I am still answering here and I am still asking around because I want to make sure I got this right.

    Hi Sasa, thanks a lot for your help man!
    I did 403 as you suggested, and I submitted the URLs for removal.

    Now I just have to pray and hope all will be fixed soon. I hope before xmas.

    I have another question:
    My website is now still http://
    I was planning to move it https:// to not lose traffic now (I read that after you swap from http to https you will have a drop).

    Since I had a drop anyway, would you suggest to go ahead and swap to https now, or this could make the URL removal, de-indexing more complex and it’s better wait that the URLs have been deindexed?

    thank you so much.
    That .doc file I have no idea how was there.

    I contacted my host, they said they always have mod_autoindex on by default. So I had this on my website for 6 years. And only now it came out in search engines, after I installed the plugin Tablepress, and same day my ranking dropped.

    Yes I will use the URL removal tool and remove those URLs.

    But I want to be 100% sure 403 is the right code because here they say to use 410 :/
    Remove or update the actual content from your site (images, pages, directories) and make sure that your web server returns either a 404 (Not Found) or 410 (Gone) HTTP status code.

    There is about 100 of these URLs indexed.
    And my rankings dropped suddenly.

    I just want to fix it and make sure I am doing it correctly:

    Maybe I should just set 410 and listen to what they say?
    Have you tried 403 and 410 and both worked?
    But if I want to do 410, how do I do it?

    Thanks so much for helping me.

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    Hi @stodorovic
    thanks a lot for your reply.

    I went in .htaccess and I added that code at the bottom, and now I get a 403 page when I browse the directories. But I have 2 questions:

    1) Here Google says to use 404 or 410

    2) Here
    you suggest to use the remove outdated URLs
    but google writes:
    What is this tool used for?
    If you see a search result that you do NOT own.

    But I own these pages.

    The only thing I did on the 2nd december was installing your responsive extension. Nothing else.

    So it must have been your plugin, maybe there are compatibility issues with yoast or other plugins?

    But how has my server, suddenly started enabling “directory indexes”?

    I have had this website for years, same site, same theme, same yoast plugin, never had any issue. Auto-updates turned off.

    Now all of a sudden this came out with me doing nothing.
    Actually the only thing I did recently was installing this plugin:
    An extension to make tables responsive. Could this be the culprit?

    I don’t honestly understand exactly what I should do from your reply.

    You can tell me to put some code in my robots or htaccess. but the question remains: how? how all of a sudden this started, I didn’t need this code until yesterday and now yes? This just doesn’t make sense to me :/

    Last, how can I verify “my server” has magically on its own started to enable “directory indexes”? Are you saying some guy that works at the web host decided to do this? Or a server has a life of its own?

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    • This reply was modified 4 days, 14 hours ago by Deon B.

    Hi Tobias,
    You’re a genius, that worked!

    Thanks a lot.

    I don’t know about the responsive tables, I am pretty sure I used that in the past, I may have deleted it a few years ago I suppose.

    But this extension is supposed to look like an additional plugin in my plugin list?

    Hi Tobias,
    as far as I remember I already downloaded this responsive table extension a few years ago. (Any way to verify this?)

    So I went ahead now and I added:
    responsive=flip responsive_breakpoint=”phone”

    but as you see, there is no difference, it doesn’t seem to be working.

    And if instead I want the text to be smaller on mobile view for the table?
    You see the point is that the table has a “call to action” in column 4. If I make readers scroll, they may not click it, that’s why I’d prefer them to see the whole table together somehow. Maybe I could try with the stack mode if nothing else is working.

    Thank you!

    Deon B


    Hi John,
    thanks for your reply.

    I will try to be more detailed.

    I have a blog, let’s name it
    in my articles I have some links.

    I created a separate website let’s call it in which I installed your plugin and in which I set up thousands of redirects that look like this:

    Every time in I link to an external source I use the format. It is kinda my own URL shortener.

    Now I am about to update both: and from HTTP to HTTPS

    I am worried that after I make this move, all my links will not work anymore, and I will need to go inside and update all thousands of links to

    So the question:

    Is this the case?
    Will I need to update all links to https from within my articles?

    Will the redirect be slower because for example a random redirect has to go from to and then to LANDING WEBSITE?

    I see how this question looks complicated, I hope I made it more clear!

    Thank you very much,

    Deon B


    Hi John,
    could you please expand on your answer?
    It is not clear to me,

    Thank you very much!

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
    In reply to: Remove noreferrer

    as far as I can read from all the forum threads and blog articles on this topic, this is not a personal issue but it affects millions of your users, since affiliate marketing is quite popular as you might be aware of.

    WordPress executives don’t care that millions of users are being affected? Not just affiliate marketing but also with analytics data, etc.

    I think you guys are genius developers, and you can probably find a way to patch security issues while not depriving your millions of users of useful functionalities.

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
    In reply to: Remove noreferrer

    have you guys at WordPress thought about affiliate marketing and all the people whose family depends on that referrer tag working so they get their commission at the end of the month?

    I was thinking that maybe I should have installed code snippets and paste the code there instead of the bottom of functions.php

    So I pasted your code in code snippets right now, and behold! a fatal error 🙂

    Maybe anybody else has any idea how to change the number of products displayed for each page?

    thank you!

    thank you, I tried this right now (ok I didn’t use the code snippet plugin, but as a test I just pasted it at the bottom of my functions.php – then if it worked I would have used the plugin) and it doesn’t work.

    Any suggestions what I could be doing wrong?

    thank you

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