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  • I can’t tell what excactly happens behind the scenes or what the best workaround would be. All I know is that I viewed an images with the plugin and closed the window without wanting to make any change or use any of the functions of the plugin. I just wanted to view what options there were. Then I found that additional images of different sizes were added to the folder, which (in my case) doubled the disk space required for that image, which I don’t want to be left with when I decide not to use the plugin.
    This is really all I can say about the matter. Goog luck improving you plugin.

    Of course, the extra versions/sizes of an existing image should not have been created in the first place when a user just views an image in a plugin window and closes it with the intention of not changing anything. 😉

    Well, I openend two images without confirming to anything and it turned out that 4 of 5 different sizes of only those two images were added to the subfolder of the uploads folder. It was something that I saw happening myself.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)