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  • deanes


    I rebuilt the site and it now works as expected.
    I’m using the same plugins and theme as previously but no matter what I did on the original site after the update the problem persists with the sidebar display ‘breaking’ when 2nd language displayed.
    Fresh start has resolved it but the problem/resolution is a mystery.

    Hi Dragos
    Thanks for following up.
    I have disabled plugins that don’t affect the sidebars but this did not make any changes to the issue.
    Replacing the theme (OceanWP) with another would remove the sidebar layout that’s got the problem so I don’t think that would help us (?)
    I’ll see if I can ‘run-up’ another site using the theme and only necessary plugins to see if I can replicate – may be a few days though. I’ll post back soon.
    Thanks for your attention.

    I have now updated Translate Press to v1.6.7 unfortunately the same sidebar is still broken when switched to the second language.
    The appearance is significantly different to when using the previous version of translate press but it looks like the html is still getting broken in the process.
    With v1.6.7 I tried the various options in the Advance Tab of Settings but none of these made any difference.
    If I roll back to Translate Press v1.6.4 then the sidebar appears as expected.



    Hi Dragos
    Thanks for the update.
    I can wait for your next update. The site with the problem is still being developed. I will let you know if issues persist after the next update.

    It’s not a paragraph of text that I can add html code to.
    On the website homepage you see a left sidebar which is made using an Elementor plug-in to query posts- all the elements displayed here are entered via fields in Elementor, none of the fields allow html input.

    This is what I have tried…

    In Elementor I have added an ‘CSS ID’ to the whole sidebar section; ‘vehicle-sidebar’.
    From your linked page I took the code and added this to my Theme Function.php :

    add_filter( 'trp_no_translate_selectors', 'trpc_no_stranslate_selectors', 10, 2);
    function trpc_no_stranslate_selectors($selectors_array, $language){
        $selectors_array[] = '#vehicle-sidebar';
        return $selectors_array;

    but it made no difference.

    I also tried the Translate Press options in Elementor Advanced tab for the Section – I was hoping one of these switches would just prevent translation but still display content in English for both languages selections – but the Elementor settings both had the same effect of hiding the section completely when second language selected;
    *Restrict by Language – set to English (shows in English hidden in Thai Language)
    *Exclude from English – set to Thai (shows in English hidden in Thai Language)

    As I mentioned Translate Press is breaking the HTML this is the code from Developer Tools;

    <div class="oew-grid-media clr">
    <a href="" title="Nissan March" class="oew-grid-img"></a>


    <div class="oew-grid-media clr">
    <a href="" title="<trp-post-container data-trp-post-id=">Nissan March” class=”oew-grid-img”></a>

    Please note in this case I don’t even want the Titles of the car names ‘Nissan March’ translated into a second language. I want them displayed as ‘Nissan March’ throughout.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


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    Hi. Thanks for following up. Issue is resolved.
    The new WP site was set-up on a new host. The old website was created in Joomla. At the domain – on the new host – the NameServer settings were all correct and the new website was operating apparently normally but there was another setting, not immediately obvious, that still had the IP address of the old site. Once that was changed to the new host the message in Sucuri went away.



    Hi. Have you had a chance to check it?


    Most posts are displaying Gutenberg galleries.

    This post specifically has only text and Images added below the OceanWP Meta Box.
    The Post Format : Gallery



    @lapapo. In my case certain style changes were not being seen as they were cached by the Cloudflare CDN service which is linked to the site via the hosting settings.
    First I thought it was a caching issue and had switched off all caching plug-ins and caching settings via the hosting control panel. The problems remained and then I discovered that the Cloudflare CDN was active. In Cloudflare there’s a switch for ‘Development Mode’. When that is on all my style changes are shown as expected.
    If you have de-activated all the caching options that you know of and the problem remains it would be worth contacting your hosting provider to check if there’s any caching going on that you are not aware of. Good luck.



    Thanks for the update. Resolved for me. Now using SG Optimizer v5.0.10

    Hi I believe I have the same issue. I have more than one hosting plan with siteground. One plan is a ‘StartUp’ hosting plan and MemCache is not available by CPanel settings. I have SG Optimizer v5.0.7 plugin installed on the website but always see this message on Admin screens
    “SG Optimizer has detected that Memcached was turned off. If you want to use it, please enable it from cPanel first.”
    The plugin settings do show MemCache greyed out/off.
    I can’t do as the message requests – I would like the warning to not be displayed.

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    I answered my own question.
    Found this comment about WPML String Translation;
    “Please note that in order for the strings to be registered and available for translation, you first need to visit the pages that feature them, on the front-end.”

    After testing the form once, the Validation strings now appear listed in WPML String Translation.

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