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    Thank you for doing that, can you please check to see if you made the commit with the changes?

    Have a great day.

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    Hello David @dcgws,

    I understand very well your decision, I also had and have many freemium model projects that I have developed and supported throughout the years. As a recommendation, I hope that you are not thinking that this plugin is the one that’s going to help you make a living, consider it as a way to get clients for development or consulting jobs, than donations, as there are millions of plugins on the market and if we start donating to each plugin that we use we better hire full time employees, and to give you an example, have you ever donated to the WordPress core team ? (not mentioning the rest of the plugins/themes that you are using). I’m not saying that you or any other developer should not receive donations, even I was asking for donations couple of years ago, but I have seen that this is not a business model I need to pursue and I’ve changed it to one of the 3: 1. scale it until it’s interesting enough to be sold (with 6k users I don’t believe it’s the case), 2. Use it in your portfolio so that you can promote your services as a developer or consultant (way more powerful if you have great reviews and your future employers can see how you write code and deal with support issues), 3. Create a pro version and set it up for sale on a marketplace and see if people are actually requesting it (if you have 6k users for the free version, most likely you’ll have around 5% paying customers, or more if you provide something at least 50% more powerful than the free version). More than this, adding the freemium functionality that most likely is not GDPR compliant (as it’s tracking and getting a lot of details about installations) + the annoying banners to upgrade/donate, that you cannot get rid of it’s not helping you at all.
    In any case, it’s your dev and business and you know what’s the best solution for your needs.

    Now to get back to my initial request, I was just asking for a changelog for the last commits as you have updated the plugin even after you have mentioned that you will not.

    Thank you again for your work and hopefully this reply will help you take a decision on how to continue your work.

    Wish you a great day!

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    Fixed by WPML team in v4.0.3.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you for your reply. I will also notify them about the issue and see if they can get it updated soon.

    Thanks again.


    I had the same issue @staaijstudio @wenkolism, the plugin is not respecting the same format and styling as Contact Form 7 and the “Minimal” styling from the Salient theme cannot style correctly the Mollie Form, so you need to go to the Salient theme options > Form Styling > Overall Form Style and chose “Inherit from theme skin” and it will work correctly but you will not have the same “minimal” style, at least it’s going to work ok 🙂

    Good luck and thanks for the plugin @ndijkstra

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    @csixty4 can you please also include this fix in the next update? it’s very important for users, otherwise visitors will believe that the search is not working correctly. Thanks.

    @codyarsenault I also believe that this is a “feature” that should be offered because there are still a lot of hosts that don’t provide HTTP/2 so the domain sharding is quite useful, even in your post it states:
    “However, until the day when your website is being delivered through HTTP/2, it may be worth further investigating if your website relies heavily on many resources.”
    Most likely, websites with many photos will benefit from this option, and I believe that 80%+ of WP sites are hosted on shared/old infrastructure(without HTTP/2) and they could benefit from CDN domain sharding.
    So, I’m looking forward to domain sharding in this plugin.

    Thank you for your work, is much appreciated.

    Real open source development is a lot easier than closed source or “open source” by 2-3 devs, because people collaborate and manage to find solutions faster to existing problems.

    The WordPress development environment (and I’m referring just to themes+plugins) is open source only “by law” – forced by the WordPress main license, and that’s it, as you have stated very well in your previous post, your team (business wise) is very skilled and your product is high quality, but there’s no mention of collaboration with the rest of the open source wordpress devs and users out there, even if each support question has help you develop this plugin, we all pitched in.

    The was meant for open source development, but it failed to provide the same tools and features as GitHub or GitLab, in order to be easy to collaborate and share knowledge. In our days, this repository is used just to get contact details for consulting gigs (see we don’t respond here, go there and fill out the form, and “We’re one of the most experienced WordPress development and support teams out there, and we’re known for our expertise in these matters.”) or to sell “pro” version of a open source plugin. “Open source requires everyone to pitch in…not just the developers. It doesn’t work unless everyone participates.” – I definitely wanted to pitch in (already did by stating an issue between versions and losing a lot of time debugging the causes of a site functionality crash – so did @terryg-1 ), but there’s no point in doing so, if your reaction is like that, we all have companies or do dev/consulting or whatever, but we try keep a fruitful collaboration while developing open source solutions.

    Just to give you an example or two of forums for open source apps support and dev that work perfectly for their job > … xda-developers, not to mention Stackoverflow with the dedicated tags and a lot more forums like those that don’t have any problems in showing publicly that there’s an issue with a release, that it, nobody was throwing rocks at you. If we didn’t cared about your work, we wouldn’t be here posting something here – we could have be giving a bad rating without an explanation like others do.

    You can close the thread, or even remove it altogether, because it’s not actually useful for the rest.

    Thank you again for your dev and help. Good luck.

    Issue fixed – rollback to v1.9.9.3

    No point in continuing a discussion if you are trying to lecture me on how good your dev team is.

    Developing open source is easy, supporting it, is the real pain.

    I appreciate your work and want to thank you again.

    Have a great day.

    fixed by reverting to v1.9.9.3

    Same issue here with the Postman SMTP plugin conflict.

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    Thanks for your quick reply.

    But that’s not ok with all the custom types and metaboxes/fields, it’s going to go crazy and send hundreds of emails for a simple field change…

    I’ll try to find out another solution related to your idea.

    PS: the custom post types are useful for directories, and there you need multiple post types (there will not be too many(as stated above), because we also use categories and specific fields based on the categories and post types)

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    I cannot edit the post 🙁 the link is broken because I’ve inversed the fields by mistake (title/url), so future readers should just copy/paste the link…and it will work.

    As per the change request, I know that it’s Dave’s decision @csixty4 – I’ve just tried to help a bit as I’ve seen that there’s a bit of movement on the repo 🙂


    Reposting the link:

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