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  • Never mind, I figured it out. Some of the posts were missing the flag allow comments, I just had to enable that and it works now.
    Not sure how that happened, but that’s another discussion.
    Sorry for the unneeded post.

    This plugin is absolutely fantastic. The redirects work flawlessly. You might have a caching problem. I use Cloudflare and I need to purge the cache for the redirected page in order for the redirect to kick in.
    I hope this makes sense.
    This is a 5 stars plugin.

    Thanks so much for the help, Frank. It’s a good starting point.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Frank,

    Thanks so much for the fast turnaround. It is greatly appreciated.
    I know about the bots’ attempts to access old cached css files, but this is a little different.

    The 404 are for existing files. I am using the “Redirect” plugin, and I get reports for 404s. When I click the link for the “inexisting” file, it is live I can access it. (Tried to access it both logged in and logged out.)

    And it’s not only bots, it’s various IP’s.

    I initially wanted to blame it on Cloudflare, but the logs are on my WP, not on Cloudflare’s side.

    Then I thought it was a problem with the “Redirect” plugin, wrongly reporting, but I had the SEMRush bot saying that they got 404s for the CSS files. So the problem is real.

    I then contacted the ISP, (Siteground), which was useless they told me to hire a developer. They said there was nothing in the server’s logs.

    Thanks again,


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    Thank you so much @optimizingmatters
    That indeed clarified it.

    You absolutely rock!


    The transformer rules in the wizard page don’t work. I had to manually edit rules-configuration.json and add my rules at the end.

    Yeah, it’s my second attempt to upgrade to 3.X, and it’s not working. Rolling back to 2.3.5 as Vijay recommended.

    This custom css fixed the issue.
    Thanks again.

    .lyte-wrapper.lidget {
    width: 640px !important;
    height: 480px !important;

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks again for helping out with this. Yes, that is the case. And since the lyte widget is styled inline, I can’t override that.
    I could probably use !important, but I’m not keen on this approach.

    Hi Frank,

    I edited the and I got the new sizes in the widget settings.
    However, none of the new sizes displays. I cleared the YT Lyte cache, and the hypercache. The video is displayed at 300/400. I think it doesn’t pick up ay other value now.

    Here is what I added to the code:

    Thanks again,

    Thanks so much for the speedy answer. I’ll try that, and see how it looks on mobiles.



    I think I found the problem.
    I might be related to the plugin Page Builder by SiteOrigin.
    When I use the regular WP editor, new revisions are created, and preview functions properly. When I use Page Builder the above don’t work.

    I’ll be posting on the plugin’s forum.




    Hi Tara,

    Thanks so much for the help.
    I disabled all caching plugins before asking for help.
    I did disabled all of the plugins in groups, but never all of them at once.

    I think about a fresh install and migrate all the content, rather than manual install. This will cleanup some references to old, nonexistent plugins.

    I just wanted to see if anyone had an idea of why is happening. I initially suspected Jetpack update, but the reverse to the previous version didn’t fix it. Unless there were database changes during the update. I did not restore the database, just the files.

    Again, Thanks for the hints.


    Thanks for the answer.
    I just disabled the registration option and I do it manually on a per request basis.
    It works fine for my blog, i don’t have too many users anyway.
    I guess the new spam-bot registration were tried in the hope that commenting was allowed for registered users. I disabled that since and any comment is held for approval.
    The site was open for this kind of spamming for one day. I was lucky they didn’t act on time.

    Thanks for the answer. I left the site without the registration option and had to register a couple of users manually. No big deal. I installed si capcha but didn’t activate it yet. I will reactivate the registration when I have more time to watch the site.

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