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  • is there a way to change the colour of the message popup because mine is showing as a slight back boarder filled in bright blue and white text (the message) is not readable.

    ideally if this could just be black with white text?

    i have checked in the plugin settings and cant find anything to customise the colour.

    i wasnt using a custom url, the register link is as shown and the default wp-login page.

    thanks for the reply but i have decided not to use the plugin.


    Sorry i thought it was a similar post.

    The setting to allow all users to register is enabled, if i click it, it tries to load the page then it backfires the user to the login.

    I have decided not to use the plugin because it was taking too much time to try resolve, however i have come up with an alternative which i am still putting together and testing myself.

    I guess making a social network site cant be done using plugins, its best to tailor your own.

    but thanks for the reply

    where do you add pages to be whitelisted.

    I want the entire site to be locked down unless your logged in, but what i dont get as common sense is why you dont make it easy for users to allow the register page?

    At first i thought this plugin was great it loading posts from one of my sites but only posts that were on my site before installing the plugin.

    Since having the plugin installed when I add new posts, they dont show.

    I have left cache to 0 because if theres no cache data then it shouldnt take long to clear and show updated content.


    I am also having issues with the slider image, i have tried using the custom css but the image still doesnt show.

    its seems to be resizing the image and centralizing it with black on both the left and right.

    ideally it would be great if it could simply take the featured image and run it at its size because if a screen grab the page and crop to the slider it tells me the size is 930 x 400.

    which i crop my images to fit this and it still doesnt pull them to the actual size.

    i also wonder why it is that your template doesnt also show the featured image on the actual post, every other theme i have worked with pulls the feature image to the slider (and never had issues like this) and also keep the featured image to show above the headline on the actual post.

    another thing i dont like about the theme is that when you click a category it by default is saying archives for xxxx (xxx been the category) when ideally i just want it to have the category name.

    finally i have applied custom colors to my categories, but in the primary menu you cant do this unless you create a custom menu.

    if you leave it as default it only shows categories that have posts assigned to them which is great because you dont want dead pages. but you cant assign a color.

    the only way i think you can assign a color to show is making a custom primary menu which you manually add the categories but if at a later date there is no posts for that category it will remain in the menu.


    This is strange because when i first created the site i had started populating it with content and the slider would not show.

    Must have been something with the wordpress because its working now after starting a new install.

    Also think the slider is nice, but is there a way to fix this problem because if you want to set the slider to a category and content within that category are set to remove after a period of time, the slider will then break if there isnt more than one post thats live assigned to that category.

    so if say 3 months later, only one post is still active, cant the slider act like others that will simply load that and be static.


    Thanks for the reply, i deleted the entire site and started new just in case it could be caused by installing other themes, so this is a complete fresh install of wordpress and just this theme.

    I have put up a test post with a feature image and the slider still doesnt show the image.

    The url is:


    i posted on another post similar, not matter what i find, i can not get the feature image to show in the slider.

    all i get it a black background.

    I have checked the link above


    and the image exists, but its this what is showing and not the image used as feature image and grab feature image is enabled in the post setting.

    I am also having issues with this theme.

    Images set to feature image wont show in the slider (just a black background and headline)

    also when i set the option to have leading articles have a sample of the text, nothing shows, just image and headline.


    I am also having issues using this template, when i try use the slider image, its not pulling the image set as feature image.

    also even tho the template is set to show text preview under the headline on the main page, it shows in the admin preview but not live on the site.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)