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  • I actually edited my file “Connection.php” (in \wp-content\plugins\next-active-directory-integration\classes\Ldap) and added (at line 568)
    $siteDomainSid = "S-1";

    There may be a more elegant way of achieving the same thing, but this worked for me.

    I think I have identified the issue in our case.

    The command $this->getDomainSid() is returning “S-0” for us, but our user object Sids are “S-1-*”. This is causing a step in the process to filter these users out which is why all groups are being reported as having zero members. Manually setting $siteDomainSid to be “S-1” has allowed a test group to be processed.

    We do have a legacy trusted domain but the server (and all our users) are on the same domain so I’m not sure of the mismatch here.


    I am experiencing the same issue as above but there are definitely members in the group(s) I’m referencing. Individual users I’ve logged in manually (using their AD credentials) work OK.

    The output log says:

    [INFO ] Start of Sync to WordPress 
    [INFO ] LDAP connection is *not* encrypted 
    [INFO ] In group 'All Staff' are 0 members. 
    [INFO ] In group 'ICT ServiceDesk' are 0 members. 
    [INFO ] In group 'id:513' are 0 members. 
    [INFO ] In group 'TestGroup' are 0 members. 
    [INFO ] Number of users to import/update: 4 (1 seconds) 

    In “All Staff” I have over 700 users (all within the base DN).

    (The 4 users mentioned at the bottom are ones I’ve logged in manually)

    Any ideas?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)