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  • Actually, all I need to do is to init the Contact Form 7 plug-in in the template that I use. As soon as AJAX from the template has completed to load, I need to have the Contact Form 7 plug-in reloaded again, then it should work. I tried to use ‘initContactForm().’ … you name it, but it doesn’t seem to be right code.

    This is an option in the template. You can toggle on/off the AJAX option. It’s turned off for now so that we can use the date picker and the character count for text fields as expected.

    If I toggle the option on in the template, then the character count does not work anymore as well as the other options such as the date picker. But as soon as you reload the page while the AJAX is on, then it works as designed. But you cannot expect to have reload the page manually all the time.

    It must be done automatically after AJAX has loaded. I found out that that the piece of function can be be integrated in the js/main.js. But I cannot figure out how the function for contact form 7 resp. character count must be texted in order to work.

    The Website is

    Please note: In order to have the options of Contact Form working (count character) I de-activated AJAX. Count character is working as expected. As soon as I activate AJAX, the options do not work any more. Except I reload the page manually.

    If you want me to activate AJAX, just tell me. Thanks for your support.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)