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  • Thank you for the fast reply. I noticed I might have rushed myself and not reading through everything properly.

    Im using the NextGen – Gallery and have these similair issues. Its the NextGen version I was reffering to (1.8.1). I was under the influense that this topic was about NextGen specificly ( I guess thats what I get for hopping between threads). I was searching for the symptoms of my issues and found a thread wich prompted me to go here.
    When I read this topic, perhaps I should had looked for some reference to NextGen before ranting…

    I must apologize for any inconvinience I may have casued!

    Hello there!

    I am using Version 1.8.1 (atleast thats what WP is telling me) and I’ve gotten reports of gallery malfunction in both IE7 and IE8. Works fine in FireFox, IE9 (and 6)

    I did try to run IE9 in compability mode for IE8 (I think) and it worked fine, tho’ the gallery images are out of order (looks messy (this also happens in IE6)).

    When people are clicking the navigation arrows the images will just flicker, do nothing, or reload the same image. (as others have stated above).

    As you wrote in your reply above, the 1.3.3 fix for explorer, does that apply to the version Im using or will there be a update soon with these fixes?

    Otherwise thanks for a great gallery!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)