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  • Hi Tomas,
    Thanks a lot for your quick answer.
    I have modified the size of the image located in the header of Tiny Forge as recommended: 960×350 px, but it has no effect. On other hand, I saw on that the Tiny Forge them is represented with the menu bar over the image… So, I think that the them is natively designed like this (I beleived that it was like this before I test the widget “categories” and “archives”… So, forget my post …

    Concerning the new version of Tiny Forge, I would be very happy to beta test this new version (hope no destroy my current web site….) I saw that I can download a .zip file from the link you send me. Could give me the right and precise procedure to install it ?

    I would be very happy to assist you for the french translation.

    Warmest regards


    Hi Takayuki,

    Reading again and again the doc you indicated me, I succeeded to add the attachemnt functionality in my CF7, it works in a lovely manner, once more agai: many thanks for your kind assistance.

    Another minor point: In the published contact form, the field where the user type its mail (body) is pretty small (square). Is it possible to make it wider in the configuration of CF7 ? I know that its possible to enlarge it with the mouse from the published page.

    Hi cag8f

    I see that you successed to configure CF7 to allow a visitor on a web site to send a mail with an attachment (any file). I’m not speaking about upload of files from a visitor to my web site). I am fighting from my side and browsed hour and hour the forum without an answer.
    Could you provide me the following information:

    In the CF7 admin screen at the top, I have added
    <p>Attach file

    Result => The field name “Attach file” appears on the contact page. (see: tab “Contact us”)

    In the lower part of the CF7 admin screen (e-mail), I have a blank field “Attachemnt” and tried to fill it with deferent values, but it doesn’t work. Would you be so kind to provide me assistance idicating me what I have to type in the upper part (Formular) and lower part (e-mail) of the CF7 admin screen.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Tomas

    Yes indeed it was so simple ! Up to your assistance, I succeeded to move the “login” button at the bottom of each page using the plugin Jetpack and following your instructions.
    Let me thank you for your kind assistance and …. patience !

    For my best knowledge, using Tiny Forge is it possible
    – To change the color of the background of each page ?

    Warmest regards


    Hi Tomas,

    Thanks a lot for your constructive answer. Being an {absolute beginner}, I don’t want to initiate a perilous operation on my web site. For that reason, I kindly ask you (sorry to bother you again with stupid questions…), to detail step by step what I have to do to skip from the footer in Tiny Forge theme the login button to Admin. I confirm that I don’t use a child theme

    a). Install the plugin Jet Pack from my WordPress environment.

    b.) Edit a CSS stylesheet using the plugin Jet Pack with the following string:
    #site-admin-link {
    display: none;

    c) Save the css stylesheet with the filename “style.css”.
    Question: Where: in the repository of my host provider ?, in which sub-
    directory ?

    Thanks a lot for your kind assistance.


    Hi Thomas
    Yes, I beleive that any basic hackers are able to crack the login form using bots… But I think that if less possibilities are available on the pages better it is (for super-basic hackers !).
    Once again, I like the design of your them and I congratulate you for the job you have done.

    Just a creasy question (Sorry for that): Could you indicate the path and the name of the css file which has to be modified with the mentionned lines. When modifying it, may I use any text editor ?

    I hope my question would be understandable…..

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