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  • @massimod @cmondl has a good point. It’s very important that a plugin makes some sort of effort in assuring compatibility. Detecting, reverting configs & re-writes upon removal, reverting if page loads error and as @cmondl has clearly stated, the plugin simply needs to be more intelligent. That’s it. Recognizing the hosts limitations. There’s so many sources to read and to gather data from to know the system does not meet standards.

    Aside from these little things.

    All in all it is a great plugin if your server is setup perfectly with standard settings and the required specs.

    I always tell my clients that they must make effort in making sure their host is WP & WP SC ready.

    David thanks for the update. It’s cleared out many unused images.

    Have you tried adding a CSS CLASS “thickbox” or whatever your lightbox asks for into the A REF or img code code to add class so it can trigger LightBox to display the image?

    I did this with Social Plugin and it works. I am displaying urls also as light box along with the activity plus images.

    That’s a css THEME issue.

    Try using inspect in FireFox and see what’s being marked as !important or if there’s “TWO” css duplicates with similar settings going on.

    Sometimes having way too many of the same settings can cause the theme to prioritize and get the css displayed wrong. For example:
    padding: 15px 0px 15px 0px;
    padding: 10px 0px 10px 0px;
    padding: 1px 0px 1px 0px;
    padding: 15px 0px!important;

    Things like this will cause what you are experiencing. It will effect sizes, initial loadup display, finalized display and possibly even on clicked display.

    Delete those and create 1 useful setting exactly for the Activity Plus css so there’s no css priority going on.

    Have you tried JUGGLING your Plugins?
    Some plugins conflict with AP. Disable everything except BP. Enable one at a time and watch if it effects the functionality of AP.

    When the Rogue Plugin is activated AP will break.

    I noticed there are some bad programmed plugins out there that disable AP. An example is the php text plugin. That plugin disables AP if used with 2 other plugins that probably share the same code somewhere.

    Try juggling your plugins:)

    I fixed it by adding a refresh in the AP code so it refreshes right after you ADD image. I changed the ADD to “POST” also. Glad it’s open source.

    I think this requires a DEV to fix cause I had to Hard Code the source.

    You can easily add that in the Activity Entry&Loops. Just add what you want displayed. You may need a little php experience to understand how to pull the comment id + attachment, it’s authors, the Avatars and those that liked it. There’s no limit really. Also maybe need a bit of css skill to give it a proper icon & correct display to emulate FB.

    I don’t think that’s Activity Plus job though imo.
    More a developer.

    Are you sure it’s not your theme?
    I didn’t notice that issue on the theme I used. The CSS seems fine.

    1 star? Wow.

    Fran does have a somewhat legitimate reason to be mad. WP Super Cache is great but it does lack system detection and have removal issues that can sometimes leave new users crippled and unable to fix their problems if they are new to wp.

    I myself found my website unable to load when I removed this plugin. Found out it changed the normal access to the static access and didn’t fix it before removal. I was lucky I had enough Linux skills which allowed me to login via FTP and shell to edit the config and .htaccess file to regain access to the website.

    Just saying so please calm down Mass.
    I was almost in his shoes. Almost:)

    Let this be a sign that WPS still needs tiny bits of work on their plugin.

    Thanks David for replying. I’m excited about that feature. I been waiting for a long time and it’s not happening and considering hiring a programmer for this specific feature. Any tips?

    Ok 5 star for the quick and honest response with possible fixes.

    I’ve been very frustrated that so many things do not work properly with rtMedia. I am not quick to blame rtMedia because themes and other plugins are terrible. Their compatibility issues with rtMedia are outrageous.

    And so I am going to try all of your suggestions and if everything works out as you are suggesting I will be a very happy customer.

    The pro version works much better. Works almost fine.

    The only thing I still wish they could add is DELETE option for front end posts. Users still cannot delete their posts. Still not working.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)