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  • 5.2.19 works fine.
    5.2.20 also works fine. ( the link appears to be a whole archive of various trunks, but I found what I needed to construct 5.2.20 )
    Now, 5.2.21 also works fine !

    Probably, I’d skipped a version somewhere during previous upgrades.
    It’s the only thing I can think….

    Let’s call this one resolved for now ?

    No funny caching that I know of.
    I just copy the backup of 5.2.16 over 5.2.21 and it works.
    Copy 5.2.21 over 5.2.16 and it doesn’t.
    Viewing the rendered page source says it’s there, but it doesn’t appear in at least two browsers.
    My intent is an incremental upgrade, and find the difference in rendered page source. Then, start troubleshooting. 😉

    As usual, thank you for a more than prompt response.

    Wish I could delete that.

    This is a very old issue, maybe a year, yet remains unaddressed by the plugin author/maintainer.

    See the thread “Badly broken ( fatal error ) with any PHP after PHP 5.0.x ( function removed )” in this forum, but also start your search and migration to something else.

    Curt44319 that does not resolve the issue I’m having

    Yes, unfortunately it appears that there are many incompatibilities, and more to come.
    Mingle plug-in is obviously abandoned. WP has moved on. So has PHP and HTML.
    I’m relatively sure Mingle must now be abandoned to the dust bin of history, along with LISA and DOS-2.0. In it’s day, Mingle was the only way to do some things, and could have become THE plug-in, but alas its developer has failed to address any issues through at least three major upgrades to WP.
    Now, the only remaining burning question is how to migrate from Mingle to something else, without losing content. It appears nothing exists, and nothing is coming. Those of us with fairly large sites will be wringing our hands, gnashing our teeth, biting bullets, cursing, and either writing our own code, or our subscribers will simply pay the price of Mingles demise.

    Found it.

    Works great. Thanks…

    Found a solution from
    [resolved] Sidebar login Widget woocommerce not redirecting (3 posts)
    line 11 from
    <input type=”hidden” name=”redirect_to” value=”<?php echo $redirect_to; ?>” />
    <input type=”hidden” name=”redirect_to” class=”redirect_to” value=”<?php echo site_url(‘/wp-content/plugins/peters-login-redirect/wplogin_redirect_control.php’); ?>” />

    This is working beautifully, after weeks of searching.

    See the thread in this forum
    Badly broken ( fatal error ) with any PHP after PHP 5.0.x ( function removed )

    Turns out that a HUGE part of my issue is/was that wordpress “read” capability isn’t a capability to read the site, as one would intuitively assume, but is a permission to access wp-admin.
    As such, I’d been granting “read” to allow reading, which I now know isn’t what it does, ( anyone can read the site, as “read” implies, but doesn’t do ) and then going through all sorts of gyrations to disallow reading wp-admin, which is about all “read” really does.
    SO, my first problem with this plugin isn’t a problem with this plugin at all, but merely an artifact of exceedingly poor choice of permissioning labeling in wordpress core.
    I’ve been fighting myself due to incorrect, counter intuitive, or at least exceedingly poor documentation on part of wordpress core, having almost nothing to do with this plugin, or any other plugin directly.

    Indirectly, you’re right ! When up means down, things get royally screwed.

    Latest version of the switcher ( 0.8 ) works fine, except that it can only switch to a user who has been recently logged in.
    Haven’t yet nailed down the time frame, but attempting to switch to a user logged in within the last 24 hours definitely works fine.
    Switching to a user that hasn’t logged in in a week definitely does not, though the switch back link does work even from the “you are not logged in” page.

    On another note,
    “That sounds like applying a fix to something that shouldn’t be broken. The redirect after you switch does a permissions check. If you don’t have the read capability you’ll be redirected to the home page instead of the dashboard.”
    I would agree, but I get a “you don’t have permission” page.
    Manually typing the address of a page that does have permission does work.

    Well, I had gotten a redirect to work, before some other who-knows screwed that up.
    Meantime, with or without redirect, “switch to” at this point merely logs out, but with the “switch back” link that still works.

    Not what I wanted to hear, but is what I needed to hear. <sigh>

    Off to find the functionality ( if possible ) in other sources.


    It appears you’re supporting MingleForum, so do you know if WP Mingle plug-in is totally abandoned now ?

    I shall pursue that angle, and confirm when I can.

    I’ve been unable to isolate another plugin that might be causing the problem. I have a suspicion that it’s the mingle plug-in, but it appears the developer has abandoned that one, and I haven’t yet found another way to replace all of that functionality.

    ( even built a whole ‘nother test site to try all sorts of things, none of which have proven productive )

    Hacking another default other than wp-admin *would* be a help. How ?

    Using default 2010 theme. No theme customization at all, other than the thememylogin plugin.

    Otherwise, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, though it does appear consistent for any particular user. If it switches to a particular user, it works as expected. If it doesn’t switch, nothing seems to make it switch, and that seems repeatable.


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