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  • @abletec

    I believe the “coming soon” ad on my site is because I haven’t officially launched my site? Is that what you’re referring to?

    Sorry for the delayed response, I was away from my computers the past few days.




    Got it! I’m starting to catch on I think … So I selected “Post Name” as my Permalink structure. Saved and went back in, aaaand ….

    IT WORKS!!!

    YAY!! Thank you thank you!!


    Update!! It’s fixed. Sounds like it was a default plugin issue. Ok … going back to your resolution following the renaming of that default.html file ….

    So I tried searching for the .htaccess filen in my file manager, and when I did that it gave me a big long list of folders and files. The folders consist of titles like “old”, “Olive Nosh” (which is the name of my site), “wp-admin”, “wp-content” and “wp-includes” and then files are mostly files that start with “wp-” and different variations of endings. The file types says they are all “text/x-generic” – I’m not sure what that means.

    So, then I went to “Settings” in my Dashboard and navigated to “Permalink Settings” where I find a list of “Common Settings” and little white buttons to select which one I want to use. “Custom Structure” is currently selected and looks like this … (and then a white box where it appears I can type whatever I want in there – but it currently reads) /’/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/’

    What does this mean??

    Thank you as always! Talk Soon!


    Morning Jackie! No, I was not disgusted with you at all!!

    However, I’m freaking out! I can’t get to my WordPress Dashboard at all today. I tried going back in to file manager through bluehost to see if I did or didn’t change back that default.html file and I can’t find it. When I click to log in to my wordpress Dashboard through bluehost it says there is an HTTP ERROR 500 and that the page isn’t working.

    Oh man … Help! In the meantime I’m going to try and get in touch with Bluehost to see if they can help any.

    Thank you!


    Jackie! I thought I’d lost you, but the notification that you had replied wound up in my Junk Mail somehow!

    Ok, so … I found my file manager and when in there I see collapsible menus on the left and then in the middle about 5 folders and then lots of files that begin with wp-XXX … I did find one called default.html … never found anything with index.htm/html or home.htm/html … I did find once called index.php? … Either way, I changed the one titled default.html to default.html1 and that didn’t work. So just for the sake of being sure I tried all avenues, I went ahead and added the 1 after the word “default” incase that’s what you meant (default1.html) And neither worked. Also, I would like to note that the “Size” of this file called default.html is 0 bytes … not sure if that matters any? And it says the “File Type” is text/html.

    Am I missing something here? Or did I do it correctly and this just isn’t our fix?

    Thank you again!! I appreciate your help!!


    Seriously. You rock! For getting back to me so quickly and already declaring your patience and dedication to this!! Thank you!

    So, I went to “Install” the SSL and it appears as though it is indeed already installed. When I clicked, it brought me to a page that reads ….

    “You already have an SSL certificate installed.

    You can test if your SSL certificate is working properly by going to any working page on your site and replacing the “http://” at the front of your domain name in the address bar with “https://”. Example: changes to”

    When I go to my page using http:// it is the default “New WordPress Site Coming Soon” page. When I go to my page using https:// it is my site and I received the Internal 500 Server Error when clicking on my “pages”.

    So now knowing this, what’s next ya think?

    Thank you again!


    How do I turn off debugging? And what does doing so, do?


    Thank you for responding to me!!

    Regarding the SSL .. when I go in to my Bluehost CPanel, and click on SSL, it says right at the top of the page, “You have already purchased a certificate for this domain.” and then next to that it has a drop down menu and reads “Install SSL on” and in the drop down menu my domain is there … so does this mean I just need to install the SSL?

    When I installed WordPress I was using the assistance of Bluehost and their support team so I’m not sure which I chose, http:// or https:// … is there a way for me to look somewhere and find out?

    I don’t mind your questions! I will warn you that I am horrible with some lingo yet and very very much a beginner at this so dumbing it down is helpful! Ha! But when given good instructions I can do just about anything!

    Let me know where this information leaves us. And again, I really appreciate your help!!

    Reply to @t-p :

    Let me start from the top of your reply …

    How do I know if have access to my admin panel? And are you referring to an admin panel through BlueHost or WordPress? I have to assume WordPress? When I am in my “WordPress Tools” from the top horizontal menu provided on BlueHost, and I click on “Plugins”, I am able to turn my plugins on and off, I tried turning them all off and I still received the error when viewing my profile and trying to click on these “pages” I have created. I have no since turned them all back on again just in case. I have yet to really understand what these plugins that were already there (I didn’t download them) actually do for my website.

    I then switched my theme back to the original theme provided, which was “Twenty Seventeen” and that Theme does not display “pages” like the Theme I’m trying to use does. That theme just incase it matters is “Juliet”. I do have one other Theme downloaded and it’s “Mailard” … I switched to that and that did show my “pages” and I still received the same error when clicking on my “pages” link. So it can’t be the “Juliet” theme specifically, right?

    When I tried to attempt your third possible solution I was able to get in to my “File Manager” through Bluehost, but then it asked me if I wanted to see my “Home Directory”, “Web Root” or “Document Root for” with a drop down menu where I select my domain. I went to the “Home Directory first which looked like an email inbox screen and saw nothing that was titled .htaccess … I then tried “Web Root”, it looked the same as described above but I still didn’t see anything titled .htaccess . I am getting the feeling I am completely missing something here.

    If you need more information regarding this error, how so I access my server error log?

    Thanks for your help!


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