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  • Sorry… It is something to do with my site, since it works just fine on another one. Will update when I investigate.

    Oh, right, and [resolved].


    Sorry, guys. Turns out the owner of the site had uploaded these images himself and during the course of my research, I discovered that iOS devices have this thing where they don’t rotate images themselves. So… Mr. Site Owner had uploaded these (unrotated) images from his iDevice, and WordPress thumbnails, computers, and Android devices all went “Hey! Let’s put this the right way up…” while iDevices were going “Looks good to me!”

    So everything I was looking at made it seem as if the images were correctly oriented to begin with when that was not the case. I’m sure things will do better once I download and re-upload the offending photos from my computer.

    Sorry again.

    nghizas – this thread is for the Slideshow plugin, but perhaps it is in fact a WordPress problem?

    I ended up going with another plugin for the slideshow on the page I indicated, but am still using Stefan Boonstra’s Slideshow for the homepage slider, which doesn’t seem to have any problems. Do you think it has to do with the way it’s called (conditional) or certain styling requirements (e.g. static height/width of parent container)?

    I actually figured out what was causing it. Turns out this is a good test case for the short code and the plugin in general.

    Due to the way the theme on this site is set up, each “page” is not displayed as an honest-to-goodness page. Instead, they are all gathered into a single page and navigated via anchor tags. As a result, having the “enable” button checked for a particular page did not cause it to show up on that page since it was only being referenced via hashtag instead of its own url. I was forced to insert the short code to enable it. Oddly enough, what this did was enable the reviews for every page that came after it (including the link to the blog and all its posts).

    Removing the short code fixed my problem… but now I am stuck with no review form! I have not been allotted much in the way of man hours on this project, so I will edit the theme function which builds the site when and if I get a chance to do so, and see if I can get it working, but no guarantees.

    In the meantime, I encourage the plugin author (or any other bug enthusiasts) to get “Glider” from Elegant Themes and test this out. I’ve had to make some structural changes to my theme, but I think this particular functionality may still be an issue in the original.



    The sitemap schema allows for a master sitemap indexing all other sitemaps. I recommend implementing a master sitemap generation for your plugin instead of asking users to do it themselves.

    That is what I eventually did. I had spent a good deal of time looking at every line of code prior to that searching for the proper way to do it dynamically. Thanks for the quick response!

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