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  • I have re-coded the plugin to suit my client’s needs; I did leave this review over a month before your reply earlier today.

    I didn’t want to purchase the premium version because of small issues with the free version – see (2) above.

    Which feature is included in the premium version – that would be more helpful to other people reading the reviews rather than it looking like a sales pitch..?

    Hi Patrick,

    1) I checked through all the CSS when my client complained something had gone wrong and couldn’t see where it was.

    The usual problem is that the plugin CSS hasn’t been fully named-spaced, so the code can be overwritten. I couldn’t see this in the source code but did have to overwrite one of the PSAG classes.

    2) No console errors. I cleared the cache several times and put it into development mode to check, but the URL variables aren’t carrying through – showing as empty in the source code.

    I deleted the plugin and found a different solution for my client so didn’t log a ticket.

    Yes please!

    The email display name works for the confirmation email, but it would be handy to also be able to set it per form for the submission alerts.

    Confirmation email works as expected but submission alerts say “WordPress”.

    I understand this is generally how it works but I have a specific use case where there are multiple recipients in an organisation. Having the site name is a good start, but being able to set it per form (there are five forms on the site I’m working on) would be useful from an organisational perspective.

    I’m used to CF7 and am very happy with Happy Forms, but a few tweaks would elevate it from good to great.

    @jwineman – Once a site is finished, if clients want additional changes, it’s sometimes easier to do it on the live site. Or if it’s my own and I’m tinkering, it’s handy to have everything in one place rather than logging in to separate sites. It’s the convenience mainly – time is money and all that!

    @jwineman This is a possible solution for people running just one website, who don’t mind updating the file everytime the plugin has an update, but impractical for those of us managing larger client portfolios. Can it not be made into a hook that we can add to functions.php?

    You are an absolute star, thank you!

    Ok, so a bit more tweaking and I have a solution that works for me (disclaimer for anyone that chooses to try it: obviously this a core file override – any updates will likely overwrite this code and you’re back to square one):

    Underneath this code (lines 106-111):

    if( $transition_speed != '' ) {
    		$faqtransitionSpeed = $transition_speed;
    	} else {
    		$faqtransitionSpeed = '300';


    	<script type="text/javascript">
    	var jsfaqsingleOpen = <?php echo $faqsingleOpen; ?>;
    	var jsfaqtransitionSpeed = <?php echo $faqtransitionSpeed; ?>;

    THEN, remove (lines 168-176):

    <script type="text/javascript">
          jQuery(document).ready(function() {
            jQuery('.faq-accordion [data-accordion]').accordionfaq({
    		 singleOpen: <?php echo $faqsingleOpen; ?>,
    		 transitionEasing: 'ease',
              transitionSpeed: <?php echo $faqtransitionSpeed; ?>

    And add the following at line 208:

    function sp_faq_script() { ?>
        <script type="text/javascript">
        jQuery(document).ready(function() {
            jQuery('.faq-accordion [data-accordion]').accordionfaq({
    			singleOpen: jsfaqsingleOpen,
                transitionEasing: 'ease',
                transitionSpeed: jsfaqtransitionSpeed
    <?php }
    add_action( 'wp_footer', 'sp_faq_script',100 );

    Clear any caches if you have them and reload the page 🙂


    I’ve successfully used the following:

    get_the_term_list( get_the_ID(), 'jetpack-portfolio-type' );



    I’m sorry you feel that way – I tend to leave reviews for all plugins I use because I know how frustrating it is to only get the negatives. I also will mark whether a particular combination works or not on WP, again, as I find it frustrating when people don’t.

    I had a very specific use case which means that your code examples didn’t help me (and I did visit your website once I realised the free version didn’t work), and whilst I do appreciate your offer of your plugin for free, I did have to find another option. After all, it was 4 weeks ago, according to the timestamps here.

    And I know that I couldn’t do as good a job as I do without the efforts of others – I do a lot of work and support for free too, hence I understand why freemium works for developers like yourself. I also do frequently donate to developers when their product has helped me out – I appreciate the time and effort it’s saved me.

    As an aside, “pay with a tweet” was set up to help people pay for a something with the value of their social network. No money passes hands – it’s a barter instead.

    Wishing you all the best.



    Thanks for the response. I only looked at the plugin on the WordPress plugin directory, so stating other details on your website is great but the majority of people won’t see them and rely on what you’ve stated on the WordPress website.

    I have over 20 years of experience as a developer, so am quite happy to hack away and play with plugins. However, there also has to be a good starting point for all parties concerned…

    When the WP plugin directory description states “use the included widgets…” etc… with no mention of this being a pro feature only, this is where we will have to disagree.

    I understand the need for freemium products, after all we do all have to make a living and this is a great business model for doing so, BUT this should be clearer so people looking for a quick (client) turnaround won’t end up feeling like they’ve wasted their time.

    20% off is a good deal – I’m not disputing that. However, I’ve never seen a pay with a tweet for anything less than 100% off and again, it feels misleading, because that’s the expectation.

    I did use the latest release, with a WP 4.3.1 installation and didn’t have the descriptions pull through, at which point, I had to abandon ship. Perhaps there was a templating issue, but I did use WP debug and couldn’t see anything unexpected.

    A change of wording may help for users who need ‘out of the box’ as described in the plugin directory and leave room for more positive review, perhaps?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)