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  • That was definitely it. In the mix of downgrading and re-updating the plugin, my local copy was still the previous version. I replaced the code you indicated and it’s working now. Thanks! Hopefully the next update patches this so I don’t lose these fixes.

    @praveen Kumar, I made sure to only comment out and replace the lines that you wrote out in the plugin’s functions.php file, but it causes my whole site to show a blank screen unfortunately.

    Thumbnails are showing up when I downgrade, but the categories are being ignored now.

    I’m seeing the same missing thumbnails problem. When I downgraded the plugin, even though I had my particular post category checked to filter those posts, the widget still showed all uncategorized blog posts. I updated the plugin through the wordpress update page, deleted and re-added the widget, it shows the posts but the thumbnails are still missing/broken.

    I just had a similar round of problems, and found out that there was a file folder permissions issue in the wp-admin folder and sub folders + files, and the root folder’s files such as wp-login.php. Somewhere in the process of the update, WP needs to temporarily switch the permissions for key folders and files. You may notice, especially if where your WP is hosted has an error log, that several files and folders’ permissions were changed with this kind of error:

    SoftException in Application.cpp:256: File "/home/your-site/public_html/wp-admin/upgrade.php" is writeable by group

    If you can see your site’s files via FTP, log in and switch your permissions to 644 for the sub folders and files, while the main folder itself can be set to 755. So for example, the folder wp-admin can be set to 755, and all the files and folders within it can be set to 644.

    Do the same for wp-includes, and also wp-login.php which is at the root of your WP. Then go back to You will probably see a Database Update dialog, otherwise, you should see your dashboard with no problem (or at least a redirect to the login screen). I hope this works! I know it’s been months since the last post but as someone who couldn’t find a single satisfactory answer to this problem, I hope someone else finds this post of some help.

    I’m seeing the same error once I activate the plugin, when I go to add a product.

    Are you seeing errors where even if you set a variation as Enabled, after saving your product, that change is not reflected? I’m seeing that right now, so as a result a particular variation (size and color of a tshirt) can be selected on the front end by a customer but the message that this combination is not available will display since it’s not enabled. So far the only option I’ve found that works (but isn’t an acceptable workaround) is to re-enter my variations again.

    Some more info:

    – I do not have more variations than what I started out with. The site sells t-shirts and so has a few color options (red, green, black, grey, etc.) and size options from Small up to 6x. I am only working with the amount of variations I had to begin with, but all of a sudden none of these variations are saving or have Enabled unchecked by default
    – I’ve found that I can make changes to the variations by only making one change at a time and then saving the product. This is absolutely frustrating and not how I would use this plugin at all. We have a lot of products up now and I can’t just throw out this plugin completely and start from scratch, or have this one-at-a-time method be the norm from now on.
    – I updated the WordPress memory setting in wp-config to 96MB but it’s not having an effect. The site is hosted on a standard Godaddy shared account and we really can’t afford to spring for a VPS at this time, unless we are sure that it’s memory issues that are the reason for this recent error.

    I had to use a different plugin in the end since I was on a bit of a deadline for that project, but thank you so much for looking into that feature request. I will be using your plugin for future projects using Woocommerce.

    I figured it was a problem with my checkout add-on for Woocommerce not providing the proper URL path when a customer finishes checkout on the secured page. Part of the index.php file for that checkout add-on goes:

    $redirect_url = get_site_url().'/checkout/order-received/'.$order->id.'/?key='.$order->order_key;

    Since my shop’s permalink structures goes /shop/whathaveyou/etc I guess when customers finished checkout and redirected them back to my site, the plugin printed the URL as instead of

    I edited that core file in my index.php for this Woocommerce add-on, now just waiting to see how that affects checkout.

    In short: it may not be the core Woocommerce plugin causing me problems, but the payment gateway add-on I’m using for customer checkout.

    I should add – my store’s permalinks are set up like so:

    All shop pages and their sub pages are linking fine. However, when a customer finishes checkout the url they get (and this setting off a 404 page) is:

    (obviously I made up those numbers, but that’s the general idea).

    If I take that incorrect URL, and add “shop/”just before “checkout”, then hit enter, I can actually see that transaction’s confirmation page just fine.

    If I enter just, it automatically prepends “shop/” before cart and shows me the correct page. Same with It seems when it’s time to show the checkout confirmation/Thank You page, the confirmation page’s URL is not adjusting accordingly. It remains with the incorrect

    For now I’ve set my 404 page to redirect to the homepage, but it would be most helpful to find a solution for why my shop permalinks aren’t being followed at the very end of checkout.

    I’m surprised no one has answered your question, I’m seeing the same problem on my end as of today. I set permalinks to default for the shop pages, but that’s still not helping.

    I am seeing a similar problem with my client’s site. We have All In One SEO, Better WordPress Minify and Jetpack installed. Jetpack is set to automatically publicize a blog post to various social media pages with a shortlink from the post. However, the most recent blog post (May 10th 2014) does not display a description or Featured image when posted to Facebook. Older blog posts (April 16th 2014 and older) do show featured image and descriptions when I paste their links in. I tried disabling the minify and cache plugins (after flushing cache one more time) and the result is the same. I am using a custom built theme.

    When I check my source code for the most recent blog post, all the meta tags for og:image and description look correct. AIO SEO definitely identifies the correct image to use as the og:image. However, Facebook itself seems to have issues with identifying that and the descriptive text.

    I made sure to check “disable Jetpack tags” and also went back to the blog post, clicked on the Social Tags tab and filled out the info I wanted, selected the thumbnail I wanted to generate, hit save, flushed my cache. Still no change.

    EDIT: I tried a new test post and everything seems to transmit perfectly. I’m not sure why that one blog post is being problematic though. The new test post I made definitely transmits the proper tags for Facebook to read.

    Sounds great! Thank you very much for taking the time to address this.

    Would it actually be possible for this plugin to have an option to Clone a configuration? So if I go through entering the configuration for say, one weight range for all of Europe, it would be so much easier to then just duplicate that configuration and just change the weight range and shipping cost, then save. Do you have any plans to put this in as a feature for future releases?

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