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  • You’re already totaling the stock quantities, so why not total all the quantifiable columns – Regular Price; Sale Price & Purchase Price ? Those would be quite helpful.

    Asking for my “wish list”? 🙂

    OK – how about showing total of amounts in Stock Central and how about some sort of integration system with plugins like WP ERP? If not a direct integration, at least a CSV export where I can select fields (columns) and their order, then import into my accounting plugin.

    Currently, am having to double post each transaction. I’ve written a script to export your data but haven’t worked on the import part yet. But it’d be great if an Export button was built into your plugin.

    Thanks for all the great work you’ve done already!



    “The problem is your hosting” –
    You know, rather than getting defensive and making absurd assumptions, you could take a real interest in what may be a problem for many people who just don’t bother to post negative reviews because they don’t like getting the “slap-back” in return.

    I sent upstream a link to a phpinfo page. I host with a well-known company that is recognized as being several steps above hostgator, godaddy, etc.

    Some specs:
    Apache 2.2
    PHP Version 7.0.24
    MySQL 5.6
    WordPress 4.8.2

    As someone who is a developer (and hosting reseller), if this had been a customer of one of my plugins, I would have focused more on a potential plugin compatibility issue – especially since I’d stated I’m using another project manager.

    If both attempt to use a slug like ‘project’, that could be an obvious issue. But for you to just jump on the hosting??? Where is that coming from?

    And for this elizxer guy who only joined github last week, may I suggest you take time to get more experienced and perhaps accumulate some manners before posting publicly?

    Actually, the IP part of the issue, isn’t a WP issue – it’s an issue with many plugins.

    The WP issue is that upon failure of data validation, it discards the entire dataset (as opposed to say, truncating overly long data as MySQL would if not in strict mode), without posting an error in the log and without a notice of any kind.

    That part of the issue (core) has been brought up previously, and apparently the WP team feels that a silent discard is an appropriate response.

    It’s been awhile since I looked at this plugin, but from my post above and from memory – you could do a hundred homes with this – so long as they all had the same description, price, etc.

    Hmmm.. I wish it were that easy, but I’m certain Buddy Press was and still is activated throughout the process. Found another plugin, but maybe I’ll give this another try sometime on a different site. Thanks for the reply.

    I can confirm there are database errors shown by Wordfence when using this plugin, version 1.4.12 with WordPress version 4.7.3

    Am uninstalling and moving on to anther solution.

    A couple of points, John –

    Both “S2 Member” and “Restrict Content by Role” plugins were successfully able to do what yours was not, in the same ElegantThemes website.

    As someone who’s written a couple of plugins myself, I know you can write a plugin that is easily interfered with by other plugins or themes and you can write them in a way that is more likely to work in most configurations.

    Your reply and the fact that other plugins can do the job just fine in the very same website, may shed light on how “Restrict Content” was written.

    Wordfence can show an “Undefined index” problem in a plugin when there is actually a bug (the developer may call it an “unimportant, tiny oversight”). For instance, one of my custom registration plugins failed to test the POST vars for values before adding to the administrator’s new user notice (for shame!), and Wordfence gave me the dreaded “Undefined index” issue because the $POST[‘var’] was undefined.

    This is not a bug in Wordfence! It shows a bug in the indicated plugin file.

    I’m going to assume your theme is set to use posts and not page for front page (which your “Hello World” page seems to affirm). The simplest way would be copy/paste your content into that “Hello World” post.

    Rupam, here’s a simple dashboard widget to get you started. I wrote this so contributors to a client’s site could easily return to the main website…

     * @package Back to Website
     * @version 1.0
    Plugin Name: Back to Website
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Back to website widget.
    Author: Hank Castello
    Version: 1.0
    Author URI:
    function register_cs_hm_dashboard_widget() {
     	global $wp_meta_boxes;
    		'Back to Website',
     	$dashboard = $wp_meta_boxes['dashboard']['normal']['core'];
    	$my_widget = array( 'cs_hm_dashboard_widget' => $dashboard['cs_hm_dashboard_widget'] );
     	unset( $dashboard['cs_hm_dashboard_widget'] );
     	$sorted_dashboard = array_merge( $my_widget, $dashboard );
     	$wp_meta_boxes['dashboard']['normal']['core'] = $sorted_dashboard;
    add_action( 'wp_dashboard_setup', 'register_cs_hm_dashboard_widget' );
    function cs_hm_dashboard_widget_display() {
            <h2>To return to website:</h2>
    	<p><a href='/'><img src='/wp-content/plugins/cs-hm-widget/home320px.png'></a></p>
    Forum: Fixing WordPress
    In reply to: Restricting Page

    I can think of two ways – one hard and one easy. Want the easy way first? 🙂

    Easy: Create a page (or post) with a blurb about the link and the link itself. Protect this page and make a nav menu link to it, which won’t show unless the user has proper access.

    Hard(er): Create a child theme and use either code from the plugin (preferably) or the WordPress user_can( $user, $capability ) function to choose whether to display this menu item or not. You may need a developer for this one if you’re allergic to hacking PHP/WordPress code!

    Have you (op) checked file permissions? Especially on cheap hosting sites like GoDaddy, A2, etc., it isn’t uncommon to get a new and inexperienced server tech who sets things to “read-only”, thinking he’s helping customers.

    I’m getting same error. Using latest WP version and latest theme update (Extra, from
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () https://{domain removed}/wp-content/plugins/bbp-style-pack/css/bspstyle.css?ver=4.7

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