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    You can edit your review and change to just one star.

    Hi Hale, could you please remove your comment so that this topic will be back in the ‘no replies’ view for the developers to get the issue noticed?

    I’m stuck with the same problem. Got to deactivate Caldera prior to refunding an order, which is quite annoying. Thanks!

    Hi tdgu,

    Happy to do so. Where is the support ticket area located on I only see the documentation page.




    Any news?


    Hi Tdgu,

    Thanks for the reply, first of all.
    Came across another issue though; all the fields under the ‘plugins’ tab are empty!

    However, when I try to edit them; I do get the message that there are duplicate entries, like ‘apps/contact’ for example. Although everything’s empty, I still get a message telling me one of them is already using ‘apps/contact’.

    Beside, no settings under the plugins settings are being saved.

    This is all on the ‘rewrite’ page.

    Could you help me out please?
    Thank you.

    I’ll try downgrading in version, as previously everything worked fine.



    Hi, managed to solve the problem. For us, we encountered the problem for the sale price.

    I’ll tell you how we fixed the bug (if I may call it one) for the discount price, surely you’ll find a way to mould it into a suitable fix for the regular price.

    First, I looked into the server error log which gave this error in particular:
    Got error 'PHP message: PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/xx/domains/xx.xx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/class-wc-admin-post-types.php on line 1206

    So I looked up line 1206 in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/class-wc-admin-post-types.php.

    The problem is that the variable (in the discount price’s case) wasn’t a number/integer, so what I did was to pre-define the variable first, like so:
    $new_price = 0;

    The altered code looks like this:

    case 3 :
    						if ( strstr( $sale_price, '%' ) ) {
    							$percent = str_replace( '%', '', $sale_price ) / 100;
    							$new_price = 0;
    							$new_price = max( 0, $old_sale_price - ( $old_sale_price * $percent ) );
    						} else {
    							$new_price = max( 0, $old_sale_price - $sale_price );

    Note that by editing the WooCommerce core files you risk breaking other elements of the code when done improperly. Also, the edits you make will be overridden when when updating the plugin.

    Have a nice evening, good luck with BFCM ’17!



    Same issue here as well. Using a custom theme. This needs to be fixed fast. were about to push through the Black Friday discounts…

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    @presskopp reminder 😊.
    @demo38ltd, the issue hasn’t been solved yet. Sorry.

    Good morning. I’d try re-installing WordPress. You can do so hassle-free without having to set-up WordPress again by going to the ‘Updates’ tab. The first thing that comes to my mind would be that you’re missing some dependencies.

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    Morning. Haven’t tried out different browsers as it had always worked as supposed before. On our other WordPress installations, they work just fine as well.

    There are some errors in the console and two warnings, but I neglected them because I didn’t think they would cause a problem.

    I’m on my phone now, I’ll paste them in here in a few minutes. Thanks for the reply!

    A workaround is removing the invoice in its folder [/wp-content/uploads/woocommerce-pdf-invoices/attachments], before regenerating it in the dashboard. My client came across this problem as well.

    Michel, in de map [/wp-content/uploads/woocommerce-pdf-invoices/attachments] kun je facturen verwijderen waarna je ze opnieuw kunt maken in het dashboard. Inderdaad omslachtig, maar de way to go voor nu. Een client van mij kwam ook met dit probleem in aanraking. Jammer dat de functie weg is, Bas. Toffe plugin, hoe dan ook.

    Hi, got this problem now too.

    Good evening,

    Well, kinda.

    I believe — just being rational, I’m still learning code and all — I think that the cache is overridden by website visitors who have a out-dated version of the website still stored in their browser.

    Right now, we’ve enabled searching for content and category again. We believe the problem is not related to the search term.

    Purely a caching issue, afaik. However, caching is needed for us in order to have search queries processed more quickly. Having disabled the cache, we decided to reduce the amount of content to be searched through, that’s why we limited the search query to solely the product title.

    Hopefully I’ve informed you well enough. We’re fine for now — without the cache..

    Thank YOU for taking the time.


    We have now disabled the cache and only allow the product title to be looked at for search results and re-indexed the table again. Works now, but it’s not quite as smooth as supposed, right?

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