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  • Hello Demis,

    it is updated to v0.6.4.
    Safari: works on both laptop and iPhone
    FF: cannot scroll
    Chrome: Nicescrollr doesn’t show.
    No idea about Android devices.

    It is still on, so that you can check yourself.
    Please send a message after you have checked so that I can turn off Nicesrollr until there is a fix.


    Hi Demis,

    did as you said and installed v0.6.3.
    It works in Safari and also on the iPhone.
    Chrome and FF: scrolling works again, but Nicescrollr is not visible.
    I leave it on @ so that you can check yourself.

    Thanks a lot for all the efforts, that you put into this plugin. Much appreciated.

    Hi Demis,

    tnx 4 taking care.
    I updated to v 0.6.0 and activated it @ .
    As you can see the page has a full screen page header.
    With Nicescrollr activated I couldn’t scroll anymore the page in Chrome and FF.It was stuck at the fullscreen. In Safari the scrolling still worked.

    After deactivating Nicescrollr everything was back to normal.

    Because most of my sites have a fullscreen intro I can’t use Nicescrollr right now.
    Please let me know when there is a fix.

    Then a suggestion: I always changed manually in class-nsr-options.php the height of the scroller to 2px, 4px, etc, simply because I wanted the scroller as an indicator with a 30px width and not as a fat bar. Would be cool if one can have tiny scroller heights in the preselection, too.

    Hello Demis,

    You are welcome. I will remove the demo.

    Looking forward to the update.
    Btw … another thing. When nicescrollr is on for the backend, then one can’t scroll in the text editor.
    In my opinion nicescrollr for the backend is unnecessary. That’s why I switch it always off. Just realized the flaw, when it wasn’t switched off after new install.

    Apart from that .. Thanks a lot for the efforts. It is a great plugin. I set the maximum height to 2px and 30px width. As a tiny bar it is a wonderful marker of the position on the page.


    Hi Demis,

    somehow my previous answer was not stored.

    Nicesrollr Version is updated to 0.5.6 and unfortunately the issue is not resolved. The plugin works now fine with Accordions, but not in other cases, when the whole length extends.

    I’ve set up an example at .
    Scroll down to “Works”. There you will see a filtered portfolio with “Clients” underlined. Click on “All” and the portfolio will expand quite significantly.
    The user can’t scroll to the bottom of the page, when the portfolio is expanded.

    best regards

    I can’t confirm that.
    Actually it works perfectly with scrolling on all sizes … :-). There is no overlapping with scrolling. Really like it the way it works.

    Hey Justin,

    yep, now it works. The scrolling is an excellent feature in a great plugin. Congrats.
    If I understood correctly then I cannot use the scrolling for mobile devices – right?
    Maybe in the future ? It would be fantastic to see how a website is responsive and adapts to small screen sizes.

    Thanks a lot for all the work and efforts that you put into this plugin.


    And need to revise what I wrote above about functioning with accordions. Just saw, that it doesn’t work when screen heights are lower like on tablets.

    And another remark : The plugin has a ton of settings. Most of them are self explaining, but some settings are not. (Not everyone is an expert on scrollbars…)
    So a short documentation on the special stuff would be quite helpful.

    Hi Demis,

    first of all – thanks for all the efforts that you put into that plugin. Very much appreciated.
    Unfortunately the update didn’t solve completely the issue with different document height. Regarding Accordions it does now … congrats.
    But Accordions are not the only way where the height of a website expands.
    You can see yourself at – select “All” above the gallery and a bunch of images will unfold. The scroller doesn’t take the new overall height into consideration and one cannot scroll anymore until the end of the page.
    I’ll leave the nicescrollr activated until you have seen it. Please send a note, when you have seen it and I can deactivate until a further update.

    best regards

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    I am using a lot of accordions one one page solutions. Simply for the reason, that the visitor doesn’t need to scroll too much on mobiles and can get an overview, before digging deeper into content.

    If there is an update, please drop a message here, so I’ll get informed.


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