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  • I’ll mark this as resolved.

    PS Or I’ll just start from scratch. I have all my content and images on my hard drive. Thanks again for your replies 🙂

    Not cancelled yet. Just suspended. I can pay HG and site will back back online. And then transfer to Studio Press. I didn’t even know HG was still charging me. I thought when I got behind two payments and they suspended account, that was that. But they said they still have the site and I can pay two months to get it back. I could do that and then transfer to Studio Press, which is more expensive but faster download times. Before, my page file sizes were all under 125 KB. But on with Studio Press Genesis child theme, the sizes went up to over 600 KB. However, they are telling me that with their hosting, it won’t matter – that a page with even 1MB will open in one to two seconds. HostGator can’t do that. This was my first time working with WP and with a theme, and self hosting. Well now I have my answer anyway and thank you all for that 🙂

    Yes, I’m sure I was using, the free, self-hosting version, not I probably didn’t explain this correctly. I purchased a theme from Studio Press, and hosting from Host Gator. I set up my blog/site using and my theme. I worked on it without problems until financially difficulty caused me to get behind with my Host Gator payments, and they suspended my account with them. Now I’m ready to get back on track but Studio Press is offering their hosting service to me. I would prefer that one because the tech support would be helpful since they also handle the theme I purchased. Sorry I’m telling you more than you needed to know. So now when I try to log into I get this:
    Not understanding how works with theme, I don’t understand why even though my hosting service suspended its hosting that I can’t see my site off line. But again, yes, I am positive it is
    Does this mean if I change hosts now that the other’s cancelled, that I have to start from scratch?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)