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  • Hey, Ive managed to remove the SHIPPING row on the CART, so they only see the shipping options in the checkout, where it automatically updates the TOTAL.

    It would be nice if if automatically updated in the CART also, then I could put it back.
    Can you let me know if thats possible please?

    If anyone else is having the same issue, I have used the code below in my functions.php to remove SHIPPING row from the CART:

    /*-------- WooC remove Shipping row on cart --------*/
    function disable_shipping_calc_on_cart( $show_shipping ) {
        if( is_cart() ) {
            return false;
        return $show_shipping;
    add_filter( 'woocommerce_cart_ready_to_calc_shipping', 'disable_shipping_calc_on_cart', 99 );

    Ive resolved THAT issue (theres more), I had to add the the Local Pick METHOD up actually within the Flexible ZONE. This now gives the user both options.
    So… putting the local pick up in its own woocommerce ZONE will not display on the front end when using your Flexible plugin. This may of course just be the way woocommerce works, but it might be helpful for others to put this in a note on the documentation?

    HOWEVER: Other issue –
    When using Flexible Shipping plugin with two METHODS in the Flexible ZONE,
    The total does on the CART does not update automatically (ajax) if you select another method. It does update on the CHECKOUT page in the REVIEW ORDER SECTION.

    I have tried the “Hide shipping costs until an address is entered” in woocommerce/shipping options. This removes the shipping in the CART, but also removes the option to select shipping methods in the CHECKOUT. So that doesn’t resolve the issue…

    Is there a way to make the shipping cost update in the cart automatically when an alternative method is selected?

    If not – So Im wondering if theres a way to hide the Shipping Methods on the CART alone with css, that will still allow the shipping METHOD to be selectable in the CHECKOUT/ORDER REVIEW where is updates the total automatically?
    Would you know of some CSS i could put in my style.css on my child theme for ‘display none’ on that ‘Shipping’ row on the cart total table?

    Thanks, B 🙂

    I want exactly the same as you mention here matt2006. Is this possible on this plugin? Why didn’t they answer you? Did you find a plugin or code that does this Matt?

    B 🙂

    Ive wasted my time doing all this already. But thanks for replying!

    I hope you sort your support issues out soon, your business cant be running as well as it could if everyone uses the free platform but then moves to 3rd party extensions if they want support.

    Hi, Ive also experienced the exact same problem, WooCommerce are not responding to my support ticket, its been 5 days now.

    Ive sent you an email to your support email you posted above in the hope you can help.

    Brian 🙂

    **UPDATE*** Sorry, Ive just realised this is for your bespoke product, I’m using the woocommerce booking system, but I might try yours now instead, the lack of support from Woocommerce is shocking. :/

    The only place Id want to keep the SideBar is the store/shopping-cart, But Im not sure how I find the ID of a virtual page?

    Hey Bojan , I Have tried that thanks, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

    I do have the WPMU support access open on my site right now if you want to take a look?

    The new child css is in the usual place Appearance/Editor/, have left the code you suggested at the bottom of the list. Does it maybe need an !important command??

    Brian 🙂

    For sure. 🙂
    Ive now decided, rather than try to select which store pages do and dont have it a Sidebar as I originally wanted It might be easier to remove it totally and use the bottom widget bar.

    I still need to remove that sidebar somehow . . .

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    Hey Bojan,

    I tried that code but it didnt work for me, Do you have any other suggestions?

    Thanks, Cheets 🙂

    LOL, yes google is our friend!

    Ill get on to ‘Query Monitor’, again, thanks so much, your help is MASSIVELY appreciated.

    I’m going to ask the theme developer about the EZphp conflict, its one of the most popular themes out there and their support is unbelievable. They do of course state they cant offer advice on third party plugs, but I can try! 🙂

    Hey, I’m just trying to get that code you very kindly shared to work at the moment.

    What I find shocking is the fact I have to ask good people like yourself for help in getting such fundamental things to work.

    I’m still using the plug as I have had to invest so much time at this point I’m determined to get it to do these basic functions, which I would of thought would of been simple sections in the s2member control panel or a provided shortcode.

    However, I’m very close to just writing off the many many hours, if not days building and trying to get s2Member to do what I want, the cost of the pro plug itself seems irrelevant now in comparison to the time Ive had to spend on it.

    I still cant get an option for Paypal AND Stripe at the end of a form, I have been told I have to make a separate form for each payment type for each level, which is laborious and messy.

    I cant get a sortable Member List.

    I still cant display the EOT to a user at the mo but I’m trying to get it to work following your help.

    The Member-list ‘search shortcode’ only provides an avatar and name, if I’m searching for a User with a certain parameter, surely I want to see their details, not just be told they exist somewhere down that long list.

    So, yes, Id stand by my ‘Shocking’ comment, regardless of the thousands of downloads of the plug. I didn’t think Id have to be entering PHP, learning how to hack wordpress and depending on good-hearted people offering help on forums just to get these basic needs to work.

    Ive learned a lot so far which is of course useful, but I didn’t buy the plug to spend time learning PHP, I bought the plug thinking it was an ‘In the box’ membership database.

    Hey guys, you are brilliant and I really appreciate your help and knowledge! Ninja fast also!!

    I cant believe the trouble I’m having and all the php I’m having to learn simply to get s2member to do the most fundamental of functions. I really wish I’d used another system now but this one has already wasted so much of my time I’m kinda determined to get it to work.

    Another noob question if anyone has the time to offer more knowledge, can I somehow add the php code to create this shortcode into my child-theme php functions, real simple through the editor on the wp control panel?

    Thanks again, you can sleep tonight knowing YOU ROCK!! 🙂

    Hey this looks like exactly what Im also trying to do, EZphp confilcts with something in my theme so I cant use it.

    Im a novice at PHP so can I ask a noob question . . . Where exactly will I find the ‘mu-plugins’ folder?

    Also, is it correct that the code doesn’t require a ?> somewhere near the end? As I say Im still learning PHP so maybe again a noob question. Apologises.

    Tandem, you are a legend! Thanks so much! 🙂

    Im also trying to change the css of the ‘Pro-form’ headers, the ‘desc’, ‘Your Profile’, ‘Billing Method’ and ‘Checkout now’ come up in what looks like the ‘Times’ font and not the font ‘verdana’ as used by the themes css.

    Is there anything I can put in the themes child php/css to effect this? Im not very familiar with php Im afraid, I didnt think this plug-in would need as much php knowledge and experience as it does and Im finding it rather difficult.

    ps. I have also been looking for ways to have Paypal and Stripe options on the same registration pro-form and Im really surprised to learn you simply can not.

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