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    Thanks! You rock! Thanks for thoroughness!

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    Benjamin- if anyone hasn’t told you lately that you rock, then “you rock!”

    Thanks so much! that worked.

    And folks, that is why this is a PREMIUM plugin. Cheers!



    Context, my friend James, context.

    Perhaps I misread Cyberchicken’s response as an answer for the other two replies, but perhaps he was just replying to this thread to receive response. If that’s the case, I owe him (or her!) an apology. [/sorry]

    I’ve been a developer for 20 years. And i love the forums just because I like to see people helping one another.

    You James, as a moderator, certainly have seen your share of folks posting pointless replies that help no one. It is a huge pet peeve. But I might have jumped the gun this time.

    Everybody: go back to loving one another. I messed up 🙂



    One of the things I LOATHE about forums are inconsiderate or cryptic posts.

    Here is a solution that seems to do exactly what you’re asking- with worthy support (you can pay for more support if you want but I suspect most folks on here won’t need it): Justified Image Grid – Premium WordPress Gallery

    I know it’s not free. But at the rate my business is growing, I need something that works, and not have to waste time posting questions in hopes that someone will answer. That is worth $29 to me and my clients.

    And I’m sick of stupid, unhelpful, non-communicating, condescending responses like Cyberchicken’s “subscribe.” I mean, really. WTF is that supposed to mean? Yeesh.

    I hope my answer will actually help someone out there.

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    I appreciate your assistance, btw.

    I’ve disabled all the plugin more than a few times- both through FTP and deactivation within the WP dashboard.

    I’m using GoDaddy shared hosting. I’ve been on the phone with them about this several times- mostly to find out about the Php memory allocations and such. As much as I love GoDaddy (I’m a reseller) they’re a little limited on their phone support when it comes to trouble-shooting hosting issues. I still sing their praises, though.

    I’m hoping when this client allows me to update their site to fit the new Mobilegeddan movement, that I can get their hosting on cPanel and perhaps that will change everything.

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    I keep WordPress updated at all times, as well as the theme. The theme is a child of twenty-eleven.

    we’re supposedly updating the theme this year with “X-theme” by

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    Hi- I tried 512mb in the wp-config.php file… still does it.

    So, no, it is not resolved.

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    Moreover- I disabled all plugins (but catablog), just in case. This didn’t yield any results either.

    As a web developer since 1995, I’ve been using GoDaddy since 2003-04. I don’t share your point of view of GD at all. However, I have a similar feeling towards hostgator. Sorry for your troubles.

    I’m having this same issue. However, changing the default tag to DIV didn’t help. I tried going back to SPAN, making sure the shortcode matched, and I’m still getting the same double images… although the top one is broken.

    My post:


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    I’ll agree to disagree because, honestly, i like your debate style. And I agree with some of your points.

    But to not comment on support of a developer is unrealistic.

    I do volunteer work in my community. I’ve given to charitable events and foundations. I believe in community expansion, awareness the sharing of ideas- regardless of virtual or absolute. So much so, I’m one of the founders of TED talks for the city in which I live.

    My point is: I get the volunteer scenario.

    And having served on various committees, the most effective process I have found is:
    1. research
    2. test
    3. report
    4. discuss
    5. go back to #1 (or 2) or launch

    In this case, this experienced protocol absolutely mandates to hold a developer responsible for his or her product.

    WordPress is one of the best CMS out there. The only way we can ensure its survival and top ranking is to maintain high standards.

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    Yes, Mr Sanctimonious, I’m all too well aware of the volunteer efforts made by folks like me, yourself and developers. WordPress is ubiquitous online- even to non-web web folks. And most of those folks understand the word volunteer. I’m one of the few on here that actually do a little thing called DONATING to applaud efforts…. when efforts are made. And I try to answer questions when I have an answer or solution- which is, in itself, a donation of time.

    However, everything I do for MY clients IS urgent, and not a donation. I treat them with that kind of respect. And, I try to purchase premium plugins for that reason. They pay me, so my loyalty goes to them, not to a plugin or its developer.

    Sorry to vent my frustration, but my clients don’t care about developer issues. They only want something that works. Period. It’s a business model you had darn well better familiarize yourself with if you are to survive.

    So, if a plugin doesn’t work for me, I donate my time to others by informing them via forum post of my dissatisfaction- and usually my resolve. In this case, I disabled it. I have not yet found a solution for my situation so I haven’t posted it yet.

    I’m sure this developer is a fine, outstanding citizen. That doesn’t change the scenario of business needs.

    And that, my friends, is free information for all of you. Use it well.

    OK- update- I found if I disabled the plugin (through FTP, just by adding an underscore to the all-in-one-event-calendar folder name), refreshed the plugin dashboard (this will automatically deactivate the calendar plugin), added whatever plugin I needed- or adjustments I needed, then took the underscore back out of the all-in-one-event-calendar folder name… reactivated it within the dashboard… and everything works!

    Yayyyy! No panic!

    Commenting out line

    unset( $plugins->plugins->{$basename} );

    did not work for me… and, it doesn’t make any sense because that was part of a conditional statement:

    if ( $is_json ) { // object-access
    		unset( $plugins->plugins->{$basename} );
    	} else { // array-access
    		unset( $plugins->plugins[$basename] );

    did NOT work for me. Granted, I’m using Dreamweaver CS6- but for me, line 160 was :

    unset( $plugins->active[ array_search( $basename, $plugins->active ) ] );

    I don’t get it, but, my business model tells me i can’t use this. I can’t do anything to my plugins.

    Kudos to a plugin author who is responsible. Excellent.

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