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  • Hi,
    I seem to have resolved removing Stock# & Vin# so they don’t show but does anyone please now know how I can simply add ‘colour’ so it displays under each thumbnail on my inventory (‘cars-for-sale’) page??
    At the moment it’s just showing Title, Condition & Mileage, but I’d like it to show: Title, Condition, Mileage & Colour
    Many thanks?

    That’s excellent – it worked; Can’t thank you enough!

    Hi Rustaurius,
    Many thanks for the reply.
    As requested here’s link to our site:

    …and here’s a link to one of the offending pages where the pics now don’t display:

    As mentioned hopefully you can also see from this that the ‘detail’ view button won’t click after I updated to 1.1

    Thanks again

    Hi again,
    Please help!!! Have just updated to Ultimate Product Catalogue version 1.1 & have lost all of my product images – they’re just displaying as white boxes with a small cross in corner?
    Can you please advise how I can get these to display again or how I can go back to previous version when it all worked fine?
    Also, since updating, the ‘detail view button isn’t working.
    Many thanks

    Hi Rustaurius,

    Just loaded your plugin Ultimate Product Catalogue Plugin – it’s fantastic & everything I was looking for!
    I just have one question please:

    I have quite long product descriptions so when their viewed in the “detail” catalogue view there doesn’t appear to be enough room & the text on the top one runs over/overlaps the next one down and so on… Is there a way I can either (a) increase the size of the area for the description, (b) perhaps show an ‘excerpt’ or (c) remove ‘detail’ view altogether?

    Many thanks in advance

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
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    Hi, Have posted my initial query on specific forum as requested but still no reply – Is there anybody can help with this or even suggest an alternative similar theme that works well with WP Auctions?
    Many thanks again!

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
    In reply to: WP Auctions

    Many thanks – will repost there!

    Posting again as really do need any help anyone can offer please??

    Hi again Everyone!
    PLEASE can someone help with this – I simply want to enable the user of my site to have to not register after adding their product to basket & checking out so that they to go straight to Paypal.
    The theme I’m using is WP-Shopified (I know it’s a commercial theme but the developers haven’t got back to me & I’m pretty desperate now!)
    I know you can do this in the settings of WP-Ecommerce but I’m stumped with this theme; Or is there even a simple plug in that can do this?
    Many thanks in advance again



    Hi Esmi, Thanks for replying, it’s WP-Shopified; Although I will say I have had replies to all my previous queries from the author who’s been verey good, but on this one I’m just getting a bit desperate as no reply yet! Thanks again though if you can shed any light…

    Please, please can anyone help me with this further?
    I’ve decided I want to stick with the theme I’ve used from start (as I don’t want to risk messing rest of site up!) and I simply want to get the Nivo Slider (see any of previous posts) that came with the theme working properly – it’s just worked really slowly with this message: “A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.”
    I’ve contacted (i) author – no response, (ii) site I bought theme from – responded, but no solution!, (iii) Searched web & forums – no solution!
    As a last ditch effort, as I’ve been making site in Firefox I downloaded ‘Firebug'(although didn’t really have a clue what to do with it!) and have now totally screwed site up – there’s no slider at all & just a white space where it should be??? – so, I urge anyone, as I’m a WP newbie, to please offer me a simple, easy to follow solution to this? (will gladly send my log-in details via email or PM if this would help?). Many thanks

    Hiya, Do you mean recreate this from scratch using Twenty Eleven? I’ve just switched themes to that & same issue again, when I go to: Appearance – Menus, the items that I previously made in original theme are now all pink (not grey as mentioned before – sorry) and say ‘invalid’; Also to give you a further idea, on right hand side of this page just underneath blue ‘save menu’ button & above all menu items this message appears in pink box: ‘There are some invalid menu items. Please check or delete them.’
    As mentioned earlier I created the categories & pages using pre-set options such as ‘Service’, ‘Testimonials’ & ‘Portfolio’ that came with the theme I bought – ‘Cleaner WordPress 2.0’ and these automatically appear down left hand side of main dashboard when I activate this theme (when I change to another theme though these options disappear & so I can’t edit under normal posts/pages/categories,etc and they’re totally invalid on Appearance – Menus??
    I really don’t want to have to recreate all this – is there a simple way, plug-in or similar theme that can assist me please?

    Hi again, Yes – when I go to Appearance – Menus, all of the work I’ve done to create menu items such as categories and pages using ‘Cleaner’ theme are showing in panel but different colour to standard ‘About us’, etc pages that show up in new theme and the old ones are totally uneditable so don’t show when I preview site using new theme???

    Many thanks for taking the time to reply Esmi.
    To just confirm – I’ve already created the menu exactly how I want it (dropdowns, etc) using the old theme, but when I’ve replaced with new theme it won’t display most of the items I’ve created because the new theme doesn’t have some of the same default categories that the old one did (so when I go to Appearance – Menus, the ones that don’t display when I view live site are ‘greyed’ out and say they don’t exist)

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