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  • @mnohtm
    Hi, Mnohtm. I can answer, even if I’m not the author of the plugin. The plugin works quit well. If you have ffmpeg installed and available for general use in your server, then you’re ok. You don’t have to do any further step. With ffmpeg available, the configuration page of the plugin will show-up with an additional tab, exactly the “FFMPEG” tab. There you have plenty of options for generating thumbs.
    If you don’t see that Tab, then may be the ffmpeg libraries are not accessible from the web server env path.

    That’s ok.
    I’ll manage to do that by myself.
    Thanks for all your work, Kyle

    It works, thanks, but what about adding an overlay image in the thumb only? Is it possible?

    Thanks, I’ll give it a try

    P.S.: I’ve also added this in the constructor

            add_action( 'rest_api_init', function () {
                register_rest_route( 'dornaweb/v1', '/email-verify/link/send', array(
                       'methods' => 'POST',
                       'callback' => function ($request) {
                           $user_login = sanitize_text_field($request->get_param('email'));
                           if ( empty( $user_login) )
                               return ['ok' => false];
                           $user = get_user_by( 'email', trim( $user_login ) );
                           if ( empty( $user ) )
                               return ['ok' => false];
                           $this->send_verification_link( $user->ID );
                           // Success
                           return ['ok' => true];

    Yes, Amin, could be. The trick of the low priority could be another way to achieve the same result as my commenting out the exit(); line.
    In my case, however, I need a little more. I’d need a way to disable redirects completely.
    Actually I’m registering new users ONLY via AJAX (and REST-API). Any redirect (if any at all) must be handled client-side. The PHP script must NOT send any other header (such as ‘redirect’) since the response to the AJAX call, with all the relevant headers, needs to be constructed within the end-point’s callback.
    Any (potentially) redirecting header (like 30X) is very likely to trigger an error in the client, at least in Angular implementation.
    A quick but clean fix would be, for instance, that no redirect is actually performed (no ‘redirect’ header is sent) if the “Redirect” field in the plugin’s settings is left empty. Or, maybe, redirect if and only if we’re not DOING_AJAX or DOING_REST_API.
    In any case, thanks again for your job!

    Thank you very much for your detailed answer.
    I’ve followed your hint. I’ve error_log’d the $_POST superglobal. You’re right. It’s empty.
    In any case thank you for your effort. At the moment, I’ll go the “main’s plugin file” way, hoping to have some other hint from you and/or the community in the future.

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    This is the fix

    class ujic_Widget extends WP_Widget {
       protected $plugin_slug = 'uji-countdown';
         * Uji Countdown Init
         * @since   2.0
         * @var     string
    //   public function ujic_Widget() {  // <--- Replace this...
       public function __construct() { // <--- with this, and...
          $widget_ops = array(
              'classname' => 'uji_Widget',
              'description' => 'Uji Countdown widget.'
    //      $this->WP_Widget( 'uji_Widget', 'Uji Countdown', $widget_ops ); // <--- this...
          parent::__construct( 'uji_Widget', 'Uji Countdown', $widget_ops ); // <--- with this.
          add_action( 'plugins_loaded', array( &$this, 'load_textdomain' ) );
          add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', array( &$this, 'admin_widgets_scripts_styles' ) );
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    Same problem for me, with the added burden that this deprecation warning is breaking the AJAX functionality of my plugin if WP_DEBUG is set to TRUE

    I’ve tested further. The problem seems to be an admin-ajax time-out related problem.
    I’ve disabled the ‘heartbeat’ script using this

    public function on_init() {
    	public function __construct()
    		add_action('init', array( $this, 'on_init'));

    and now my ajax script awaits longer. But the problem now is the autosave.
    When the autosave event is fired, the connection timeouts and my script is gone once again.
    Apparently, each admin-ajax call made (by WP) while my script is running, breaks my script. How can I keep the two “worlds”, WP ajax calls and my plugin’s ones, separated?

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