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  • Hello cfcook76,
    My procedure was:
    1) Make a dump of the unalterred database. Which had Latin-1 charset, but probably filled with UTF-8 characters because I had allready upgraded to 2.3.3. and all entries in wp-config where allready to UTF-8. In the export menu I could not change the export format, so I assume it was Latin-1.
    2) I ran g30rg3x’s plugin, which changed all the tables and configuration files in the MySQL db to UTF-8. This worked very fine, but when I saw the blog all posts were scrambled up.
    3) I changed all the entries to the charset in the dump to UTF-8 and reimported the dump, replacing the original tables completely. This worked very fine for me. There was no single mistake in the blog characters and the plugin did the tidious work of changing the database entries for me. I only saw that a very few external feeds had the double character encoding described by Alex King. But on the blog itself everything was ok.

    I just did a conversion om my WP 2.3.3 installation using the UTF-8 Database Converter. In my MySQL db the charset was Latin 1 since I upgraded from an earlier version. After using the plugin all posts were trunckated to a variable number of words and most pictures were gone. All static pages were blank. Luckily I saw your posts before and had made a backup. I changed the charset in the dump from Latin1 to UTF-8 and executed in phpMyAdmin the SQL command to replace the existing tables with the altered dump. This worked! Everything is now back again and the charset is UTF-8. The whole operation took about 10 minutes.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)