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  • Any chance you will be able to push out that bug fix soon? Most of my existing plugins now have two different Settings buttons, but now I’m trying to add another one (Lightweight Social Icons), and it only has one – yours. But the install instructions imply that this new plugin is supposed to have a Settings of its own, so it seems that FS Directory’s Settings are actually overriding or replacing the new plugin’s settings. I really like Faculty/Staff Directory, but if it prevents me from properly installing and setting up additional plugins, I’ll have to uninstall it.

    In my settings, Thumbnail Generation is set to:

    Use Google Drive Viewer to generate thumbnails for MS Office files and many other file types remotely.

    Other plugins installed and active are:

    Akismet 3.0.3
    CP Easy Form Builder 5.06
    Document Gallery 2.2.7
    Fourteen Colors 1.2
    Google Analytics Dashboard for WP 4.3.6
    Media Library Categories 1.4.15
    Resend Welcome Email 1.0.2
    Responsive Column Widgest 1.1.12
    TablePress 1.5.1

    And I did create a Trello account. That’s how I came to see the board…but no way to add or comment.

    And…it worked! After the reinstall, the check boxes stay checked and the thumbnails appear as normal.

    Now all I have to do is find out why there are also TWO “settings” links attached to this plugin – its own and the settings for the FS Directory plugin, which suddenly seems to be generating “settings” links next to ALL my other plugins.

    Thumbnails were being generated just fine until we moved our WordPress from directory to the root directory. I may have disabled the audio/video method on my own – I don’t remember. But yeah…that audio/video checkbox won’t stay checked when I check and save, either.

    I’ll try an uninstall/reinstall.

    I’m using Document Gallery 2.2.7.

    There is no error displayed. It says “Changes saved.”
    Log entries on the Logging tab:
    (DG_Thumber::getThumbers) No thumbnail generators enabled.

    To which I say: well, yes, that’s the problem! It won’t let me keep the box checked!

    Logging is already enabled in the Advanced tab.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)