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  • Yeah, that does look to be it. WP-Hide updated on April 16th at 1300, and I see the cachebuster loop starting at 1302. What is weird to me is that I didn’t make any changes to wp-hide to “fix” it, and I had troubles with wp-hide disabled between AO and WPSC. I suppose its possible that something with wp-hide got cached in WPSC.

    Well, now I seem to not be able to replicate it. I just enabled AO with SC, and it’s not erroring as it did before. I did previously test AO and SC with WP-Hide disabled, and the issue was present. So I left AO disabled over night, and now testing it again it’s behaving.

    I’m on shared hosting environment, so I’m not sure if my host has done anything.
    I’m 100% back to my original state, now without the cachebuster loop. This is so strange.

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    Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear. I tested the issue clear with AO enabled and only SC disabled. I do have WP hide, but this was not causing the issue for me. My theme also does not seem to be a problem the issue is only found when AO and Super Cache are enabled.

    I’m watching a tail of my log while enabling disabling plugins to quickly identify which is causing the conflicts. It is error free with AO enabled, and only SC disabled.

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    Having same issue. Looks like about a day ago this started. Seems to be in conflict with WP Super Cache. The strange thing is that my cache plugin was last updated 4 months ago, and I’ve been using these 2 together for years. No changes were made to the site or plugins.

    I’ve went through purged and rebuilt the wp super cache ‘cache’ with autoptimize disabled, then re-enabled and that doesn’t seem to have helped. I tried also limiting features and options with both plugins.

    Right now I have left autoptimize disabled to keep the website up, otherwise this will generate a error 500 for our users.

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    Other than disabling the plugin, no. This plugin needs to be patched. I was hoping to get a timeline. So the only alternative is moving to another solution, but that’s not always easy.

    Figured it out, disabled the bootstrap option for fusion as my theme already takes care of this. Error is now cleared.

    Wow, you know what. I enabled “Let Autoptimize also extract JS from the HTML.” and changed nothing else – and it fixed the .carousel error.

    I didn’t try that because it broke the gallery before, but I just figured out why.

    If I enable the Fusion Builder plugin again, having extract JS from HTML breaks the gallery! Disable that feature, and the gallery returns, and I just get the additional JS error from the Fusion plugin.

    So the additional error that the Fusion plugin creates, breaks the gallery when “extract JS from HTML” in AO is enabled. And with the Fusion plugin disabled, I get the .carousel error only when I enable AO JS optimization, without “extract JS from HTML” also enabled.

    Adding the additional exclusion as suggested did not fix the .carousel error by itself. I think I’ll just leave the additional extract option enabled as the final fix. And then just bug the other plugin developers to address these other issues. Either way, site has the functionality I need.

    Thanks so much again, I learned a bit here.

    So I have rocketloader disabled, and just double checked to ensure it was still disabled. So that’s all off.
    I also have my WP Cache disabled as well while trying to sort this out, and I put Cloudflare into development mode while I’m testing with an incognito window of chrome and Ctrl+F5 to refresh to ensure nothing is cached. I think CF will auto-disable dev mode after 3 hours, but that shouldn’t be a problem when I’m done, and leave it state as noted below.

    We’re a non-paid volunteer board HOA, and I was trying to build this site using off the shelf tools to make things easier for someone else to take over administration eventually. I’m also a Network Engineer, and systems admin, so web development is not my strong point. So for some pages I used a builder for page formatting. Right now that builder plugin is Fusion Page Builder. It’s actually not even active on the photo Gallery page, which is interesting.

    Looks like the .popover error is directly coming from that Fusion plugin, even though I’m not using it on this page. I’ll have to submit the bug with them.

    What’s interesting is the combination needed for the .carousel error. With the Fusion plugin active, it presents whether AO is active or not. When I disable the Fusion plugin, The error is still present until I deactivate AO.

    I then tested .carousel error and found it to be present even with all other plugins deactivated except for AO, disabling AO clears the error. (I cleared the AO cache as well to validate it wasn’t storing some of this from when the Fusion Plugin was active.)

    I will leave it in the state where Fusion is deactivated, and AO is active with JS optimized, so you can see when setting the ?ao_noptimize=1 fuction. CF Rocketloader is still disabled.

    excluding themes/evolve/library/media/js/main_backend.js or themes/evolve/library/media/js/ and/or setting “catch”wrapping” option did not correct.

    Thanks again for your efforts on this.

    Alright, after much testing, it does look like Autoptimize JS optimization IS causing that issue as well. Likely something else I need to exclude.

    JS optimization creates these issues:

    Uncaught TypeError: $carousel(...).carousel is not a function
        at (index):78

    Interestingly, With another plugin called “Fusion Page Builder” (not used on this page), and Autoptimize, I get the additional error:

    Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).popover is not a function
        at autoptimize_e0547ceebe828aaf894a60aa53a7bbe3.js:1244
        at dispatch (jquery.js:3)
        at r.handle (jquery.js:3)

    (This works fine with Fusion Page Builder enabled, without Autoptimize JS optimizations)

    And the “Let Autoptimize also extract JS from the HTML” option breaks the gallery as well.

    Woo, plugin compatibility is pretty tough.
    I’m going to leave it in the state where only JS optimization is enabled, and not the extract JS from HTML option.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 12 months ago by bofslime.

    Spoke too soon, seems to be a random failure where it breaks again, and I see the following:

    (index):1 Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).finalTilesGallery is not a function
        at (index):1
    (anonymous) @ (index):1
    setTimeout (async)
    (anonymous) @ (index):1
    i @ jquery.js:2
    fireWith @ jquery.js:2
    ready @ jquery.js:2
    K @ jquery.js:2

    Apparently this was caused by when I re-enabled: “Let Autoptimize also extract JS from the HTML”

    Edit: OK, it all looks theme related. I disabled JS optimization completely, and I see the error more clear to do with the bootstrap. Will need to look into that further.

    Thanks so much again for your help!

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 12 months ago by bofslime.

    Fantastic, that was indeed the issue. Not sure when that got removed. Thanks very much for the assistance!

    There is a new error that popped up after the fix:

    autoptimize_6bcfc3f45706316275f3744b53c47e6e.js:1244 Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).popover is not a function
        at autoptimize_6bcfc3f45706316275f3744b53c47e6e.js:1244
        at dispatch (jquery.js:3)
        at r.handle (jquery.js:3)

    Doesn’t seem to affect anything visible, and I seem to have a similar problem with a theme element.

    Oh sorry! There’s some outside country level restrictions that reduces attacks on the site since this mostly services a very local community. I’ve removed it, and you should be able to access now.

    I put it back to broken by re-enabling the JS minifier. I also disabled rocketloader just so it doesn’t do anything weird, so you can take a look.
    All caching cleared.

    Happy to test anything as well.




    Yep, that’s it. Something with the JavaScript optimizations. I’m trying to find js used by Final Tiles, so that I can exclude it. But otherwise disabling optimizations for now works.

    Same issue, I found a related github issue and it was stated that deleting the wp-content/uploads/redux/ dir and letting redux recreate it would fix it. Which I did, and it was recreated with permissions 775, but still seeing the error under status.

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