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  • but to answer your question in css code if you find “breadcrumbs” thats the css information for that you are at: section.
    if you set the display to none that will remove it.
    but i would not do it this way i would work with the developer of theme and get it customized for your liking .


    this is for a premium theme that was purchased. i would reach out to theme developer for more assistance.

    oh that
    So first you would place a button for them to click on I think the form buidler will let you create that if not if someone else can help in the meantime on how to add a button to the profile page. I know you can add it to a custom tab im not sure about the default ones though.

    Either way then you would pass the code below after the form has been submitted.

    $user = wp_get_current_user();
     $user_info = get_userdata(); 
     um_fetch_user($user_info->ID );
     $ultimatemember->user->pending(); // you may have to use global $ultimatemember;

    when you look at this you will see them pending and you can set the role from there on the admin side.

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    try the archive.php file see if its in there

    Now thats an automated method. The other option is at the point where you change the role. Have it send an email, or you can build a table on the admin side that will display the users in that role and have an option to approve or deny. which would either set them back role a or move to role b.

    Let me know if you need help with this further i can set you up with some decent options i just need a few to look over UM’s source again as i forgot most of how they do things.

    This is actually quite simple.

    So two things
    1. Make sure you have another user role setup for both the Role A and Role B
    2. You need a user Meta key stored to check after the profile has been submitted.

    You can use the profile completeness extension as an option.
    I think this adds a meta field to the profile which you then can call to see if its completed than move the user to the other role.

    The code below is just a sample and would need to be corrected to work but this gives the general idea of what is required.

    This code would need to hook into the function that is called after the submit is hit on profile page. I would have to look through the source to find that hook as i dont have them in front of me at the moment. Let me know if this helps in anyway.

    $user = wp_get_current_user();
     $user_info = get_userdata(); 
     $user_role = $user_info->get_role();
      if ( $user_role == 'um_role_a' ) {
          // here you would check the user's meta data to get the completeness
             $user_id = $user->ID;
             $key = 'key_here';
             $single = true;
             $pcomp = get_user_meta( $user_id, $key, $single ); 
               if($pcomp == 'complete'){
                  // change the role 
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    • This reply was modified 10 months, 3 weeks ago by Mike.
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    No problem.

    You can do something like this below. This will redirect the page to the referrer after a successfull login. I am not sure how well this will work as this is before the Ultimate Member re direct.

    I would create a custom Role and do not redirect that Role anywhere on login. I beleive their is an option to redirect to referred based on the role. I am not sure though.

    add_action( 'um_on_login_before_redirect', 'my_on_login_before_redirect', 10, 1 );
    function my_on_login_before_redirect( $user_id ) {
        // your code here
    	wp_safe_redirect( wp_get_referer() );

    Can you post an example or a url to the post? I cannot find anything on the main page or some of the posts i looked at.

    you can start by disabling plugins to verify its not a plugin issue. You can also try the default theme to ensure that.
    More likly the problem is in your htaaccess file. I had to redo mine a couple times.
    You can try reverting back to and older copy of the htaaccess file or recreate a new one.
    You can also test their login on the main page and see what it says, test their login on their site as well.

    Like the above user said this is not default in wordpress core, it is theme based. So whatever theme you are using you would have to reach out to them for support to find out where to remove that from, or you have to install Jetpack plugin to disable.

    its the css file thats the issue more likely.
    if you open the css file on your browser you then refresh the page and it works fine thats because it stores it in cache. That css file you are using is not correct.
    I would re install your theme as that does not look correct at all.
    Not sure why its using a third party css file for a theme.

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    I would disable rev slider. If you disable that plugin all should work just fine as the errors even point towards that plugin.

    The code below is the HTML For your page, You need to find this in your themes template parts in order to make any changes. I would recommend making a copy of the original prior to removing. Know that the code below is the HTML so the php version will look different but you know where to look.

    I also highly recommend learning how to create your own template part because editing a theme is not the best solution as if you update the theme you will lose any changes you have made. If you create a template and use that template rather then the themed template this is better.

    First Section to remove

    <div class="heading cf">
    			<h1 class="post-title item fn">
    			İletişim Bilgileri			</h1>
    			<a href="" class="comments"><i class="fa fa-comments-o"></i> 0</a>

    Second Section to remove

    <div class="post-meta cf">
    			<span class="posted-by">By 
    				<span class="reviewer"><a href="" title="hzrf_mrtn tarafından yazılan yazılar" rel="author">hzrf_mrtn</a></span>
    			<span class="posted-on">on				<span class="dtreviewed">
    					<time class="value-title" datetime="2013-12-22T18:23:05+03:00" title="2013-12-22">22 Aralık 2013</time>
    			<span class="cats"><a href="" rel="category tag">iletişim</a></span>

    So what event plugin are you using? you may not have permissions set correctly for the event plugin to allow guest access to that. Do you have a plugin for Members or roles?

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