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  • Reporting back:

    – gallery falling behind when conflict buton activated, seems to be fixed!

    – conflicts with Divi with default settings (conflict checkbox deactivated): seems to be fixed!

    Thanks a lot, you rock!

    Divi comes with a hefty price tag. Ideally, since you are paying for the theme, your request should be directed to them asking them to download the plugin and test with it (as you are a paying customer they have to support you)

    Yes, I did that, but they just say “there are millions of different plugins, we cannot test every individual one etc etc”

    I can give you access to a brand new instalation with a Divi theme, I have an unlimited license so I can install Divi on as many websites as I need to.

    I know it is a lot to ask, but I am only doing this thinking that you might benefit as well by making the plugin more compatible with a very popular theme (or so is my impression, seems like it is a lot of buzz around it).

    Not sure about the requirements and performance of Divi, but they do release one update about every 2 days or so, and each iteration has speed improvements. Most themes include a visual builder/composer of some type, so what can we do… heavy javascript seems like the way forward

    I assumed from your previous post that this was working for you. Did something change recently?

    No, sorry for the late comeback, it dis this from the first time I applied the fix (checking the conflict setting in Settings). I just didn’t have time to test more.
    No changes recently. I updated both your plugin (you released about 4 new versions) and the theme (Divi) hoping for an improvement but no luck

    Also, with a non-Divi theme this seems to work fine.

    With a non-Divi theme, there would have been no need for the conflict-avoiding setting in the first place. If it is not too much too ask, I think it would be a good idea if you could install Divi to test. Divi is one of the most popular themes right now.

    About other plugins: I have a very basic website, almost no plugins (except Yoast SEO)

    Try deleting this line and see if it makes a difference.

    No difference, unfortunately.

    And if you go to the “Text Editor” you will still see the correct shortcode. You can then select the shortcode as a whole and click on “Add / Edit Photonic Gallery” – it will work normally.

    It doesn’t work, on the Choose type of gallery step, if I select “Photos from Media Library” and press Next, the pop-up still stays open and the media library loads in the background.

    Here is a screenshot:

    Any ideas? Thanks

    Tried that and seems to work thank you. So this will disable the visual image selector?

    Let me apologize if I offended you, there was no intention of name calling, I am doing the best I can with the limited command of the English language that I have (not a native here).

    Yes, you are right about the img ‘width: 100%; height: auto;’, it is used to scale down the images, not up, and I think I went the wrong track about the 150px image to fill the screen at 320px viewport. My initial example was showing a 300px thumb scaled down, and that was what I was looking for.

    Of course upscaling looks bad. You are correct. This is why I said the masonry upscale behavior to just one column on initial tab switch bothers me.

    I actually got side-tracked a bit, I wanted a behavior close to my initial example page ( which is created with Visual Composer and PrettyPhoto… I looked at PrettyPhoto but it is not updated in years. I switched to PrettyPhoto in your plugin but it looks totally different. I am only ever going to create galleries from hosted images in Media Library, so maybe Photonic is overkill, but I liked it, for some reason, one being I could interact with you.

    I am rating this plugin 5 starts and will donate.
    Thanks for the help

    Your requirement of “responsiveness” is very specific with respect certain fixed widths that you are desirous of showing.

    It’s not “responsiveness”, it is actual responsiveness, having an width: 100%; height: auto; for img in this days is the norm.

    Your argument that a photographer might have an issue with his picture at 150px being displayed to fill the space on a 320px is a bit nonsensical, no photographer will showcase his work at 150px, and refuse responsiveness…

    Also, having a few breakpoints in your css is also the norm.
    Like having a limited amount of thumb sizes in WP and so on.

    I have yet to find a device with a 400px resolution (you mentioned this above at some point). I actually created a small program and I am keeping track of them, here:

    Using your custom css seems to do the trick, I think this is the best scenario we achieved so far

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    As with most themes, support is limited, I think.

    Just to be clear, tile_size is only used in masonry layout, and not in square, right?

    I am using Divi, and the included Divi tabs module, not sure how to add that.

    The ideal scenario would be to be able to use the classic square gallery, I think.

    This, actually is a problem you run into with some “tab” plugins and use an “automatic” number of columns – the “automatic” feature relies on a jQuery $(window).resize(); event, and that does not get triggered if your content is hidden in an inactive tab.

    The simplest solution to address this is to add the columns=’4′ attribute – you won’t see this happen if you do so.

    I put column=4 but still getting the same issue in the second tab, weird…

    If that didn’t happen, I was about to say I am happy with almost everything.

    Also, any idea why some tiles go to the next row? This is visible in both tabs (first and second)

    I created a gallery on the Layouts that shows you the behaviour with the settings that I have provided above (see the second gallery under Masonry). You can try resizing the page as you see fit – you should not see any whitespace.

    That looks good,
    – the thumb size seems to be originally 300×200
    – the displayed size is 238×159, which is sort of what I was looking for, remember I gave an example with that page displaying the thumbs at 210×210 instead of the original 300×300. How did you achieve that?

    First of all, thanks for your effort. It paid off, one bug identified so far.
    I like the new update as well, lightboxes new settings layout is much better.
    However, I cannot seem to find what I am looking for with your plugin.

    I agree the link/plugin I provided as an example will also show white space at some non-standard resolutions, you mention 400px. But what device will use that… I mentioned 320px as that is the resolution used by most mobiles in portrait.

    This is why I think it is very important for me (and you) to cover gracefully this particular resolution.

    WP is somewhat limited in his thumb size offer, as you point out.

    In my opinion, even if the user chooses 150px as the thumb size, you should make sure the thumb will fill up the whole available space in 320px display mode (as it will probably not offer enough space for 2 thumbs as there is padding and margins etc). This would make much more sense than displaying a 150px imagine and a lot of white space. Or this should be an option at least. Do you agree?

    Can you cover all possible window sizes? No, and nor should you try. I think there are a few key breakpoints (probably the ones in Boostrap are a good example, 320px, 480px, 768px and 1024px if I remember correctly).

    I can now provide a link to the site with your plugin installed:

    – I set Masonry Layout – Minimum Column Width to 150pc (no visible change for me), I still don’t understand what this parameter is doing?
    – I set the shortcode to “main_size=’full’ tile_size=’medium’ style=’masonry’]” (I am manually editing the thumb_size=’medium’ to tile_size=’medium’, is this correct?). I am not clear what tile and thumb do different. If tile is just a container div for the thumb, you could have a max_tile_width parameter that could solve my issue (and make the thumb fit to that, which is easy using the width=auto for img)

    I also used the following custom css:

    /* START: photonic gallery and lightbox changes */
    .photonic-thumb a img {
        padding: 0;
    .entry-content ul {
    	padding: 0 0 23px 0;
    .photonic-thumb {
    	padding: 2px;
    .featherlight .featherlight-close-icon {
    	font-weight: bolder;
    .photonic-stream {
    	margin: 0;

    What I don’t like:
    – as you can see, when I change to the second tab, there will be just one huge thumb displayed until a screen size change is triggered. This is a big no-go for me
    – on the first tab, some tiles are going on a new row, not sure why
    – still on the first tab, the tiles are 335px in size, which is bigger than the 300px of the thumb. this is what I was saying, I would like to have the plugin lower the size and fit 4 columns for example, instead of making them bigger and only display 3 columns. This would be of course closer to the behavior in my other link I originally provided (

    I did share an URL, I am trying to duplicate the behavior in that link. It makes much more sense from a responsive layout point of view. I think if your plugin cannot duplicate that, it should, it would be an excellent improvement. What is does is: at 320px window size (mobile) the thumb automatically expands to fill the available space (so no 150px limitation), the thumbs are displayed at 210x210px and change size as needed. hope that makes sense

    1) I did use “Automnatic number of columns” in 99% of my tries

    2) That doesn’t help, I still have the same issue: I can only display thumbs as 150×150 or 300×300. The thumb size it self should behave responsive as you can see in the link above. Even using masonry with the settings you mentioned, I get the same result, and the same ugly display on mobile, with white space:
    The setting in the Masonry layout did not make any change (or I cannot notice one). The default was 200 anyway (out of the box)

    3) Actually, in justified Grid mode, I cannot specify the number of columns, that option is not available, the shortcode generated is below, what is style=random? and where is column?
    [gallery ids='1588,1587,1573,1572,1571,1570,1569,1568' main_size='full' thumb_size='medium' style='random']

    4) tried that, still cannot get the result I am looking for, which is visible in the link above (
    Also, every time I am using full size for thumbs, there is an erratic behavior, it sometimes displays just one thumb really huge, I have to resize the window and it will switch to displaying 3 columns or so. Strange.

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    Thank you, I only posted here trying to help, and yes, you are right, I missed the documentation in the getting started section.

    What I would suggest:

    – Add links to the documentation in the Installation section (, something like step1: install, step 2: go to the documentation for each of the galleries you need.

    – in the Getting started section, make it clearer there are links with examples and tutorials below, in the table. I for one missed it.

    Nice plugin, to be fair, one of the best

    I have to agree the setup is not clear at all. You should provide an example on how to get the plugin working. I am trying to use it with WP gallery, but no instructions.

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