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  • thisisedie:

    there is a compatibility issue with 2.7.x and the ‘Search Regex’ plugin (which is required for this installation).

    this installation is always offline so going back to 2.3.1 is not a security problem.

    2.6.5 is exhibiting slowness that was not occurring on 2.3.1. also, the users of this offline blog are getting tripped up on the 2.6.5 interface. so moving back to 2.3.1 while i await a 2.7.x fix is desirable.

    whooami: can you be more specific about the nature of the incompatibilities?



    i would really appreciate some feedback on this. i’m thinking that at the very least to accommodate large error messages you would want this value to be set to more than 1M (the default value).

    if you are reading this and don’t know the answer would you be willing to check on the max_allowed_packet value in your current mysql config file and report it here? and if you are on a shared host would you ask your administrator what this value is set to? we can turn this into a bit of an informal survey and glean some data that way.

    part of why i’m interested in this information is because i’m talking to an isp about the pros and cons of increasing this value.




    someone over in #mysql said that the “Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes” error message means that the mysql client sent too much data.

    so it would seem that for some reason wordpress has started sending more data than usual. and interestingly, it would seem that wordpress might be sending both the post because it posts successfully and then sending something too large (which is what triggers the error message).

    does wordpress have a mysql client built-in? and if so, is there a way from within wordpress to monitor the mysql client transactions?



    1 hour ago, syncbox wrote:

    > I would look at another host.

    that’s something i’m considering as a final solution–assuming that the problem actually is with (they are a great host).

    > perhaps you are using too many plugins and or other
    > enhancements that are causing issues?

    possible but unlikely (i only use a few plugins).

    > Like the OP said, optimizing your db would be a good start.

    previously i said i haven’t optimized the database. but i just remembered that the database is set to be auto-optimized by the host once a week.

    i’m not familiar with the nuances of database optimization. are there different types of optimizations that can be performed?

    > try setting your site to a default theme

    the default theme is what is being used.

    > disabling your plugins and doing a test post

    i’ve disabled some and the problem still manifests. i’ll disable the remainder and post another test post.

    thank you for your help.



    1 hour ago, MichaelH wrote:

    > What if you create a post with just one sentence–same problem?


    > Have you tried optimizing your MySQL database tables?


    > Who is your host?

    > In doing a little searching of ‘max_allowed_packet’
    > the recommendation is to increase that limit, but
    > hard to see why a post is doing that.

    that’s about what i came up with too.

    > Of course, another question might be, what happens
    > if you upgrade to a newer WordPress version?

    other folks with the same problem reported that upgrading wordpress did nothing to solve the problem. of course i might have a different experience.

    thank you very much for replying.



    i spoke to technical support at my web host and was told that they would *not* change the max_allowed_packet mysql value

    the max_allowed_packet size is currently set to 1MB. does worpress typically need a larger value than 1MB?

    also, i’d love to get to the bottom of this so if you have any thoughts on why this might be happening please speak up.




    i’m looking at a WP 2.0.2 installation and see a “Manage Multiple Links” section.

    when i look at a WP 2.3.1 installation i cannot find a “Manage Multiple Links” section.

    if the “Manage Multiple Links” control has been removed how is one supposed to perform mass blogroll changes?

    and if it was removed, why was it removed? it was a very handy control.

    11 minutes ago, moshu wrote:

    > If you didn’t mess with anything else – it
    > should work.


    if you can offer me an understanding of why it will work with a simple change of some wp-config.php settings (and how the current settings create the odd characters i’m seeing) i would be very appreciative. i would really like to gain a better understanding of the nuances surrounding UTF-8 support in WordPress.

    > And next time try NOT to invent your own
    > upgrade thingy, just follow the instructions
    > and don’t try to outsmart WP!

    i wasn’t trying to outsmart WP. my 2.0.2 installation had some undocumented core and default theme file modifications. and i didn’t want these mods to potentially result in WP 3.2.1 not working as it was designed to work.

    btw, thank you for your help.


    2 minutes ago, moshu wrote:

    > Delete them.

    ok, i will.

    i can’t do it right this moment however.

    will deleting them solve my problem or will i need to get additional guidance?

    4 minutes ago, moshu wrote:

    > I asked a very simple question:
    > do you have those 2 lines in your
    > wp-config.php file or not?
    > Yes? No?

    my post wasn’t replying to that question you asked–you are replying faster than me.

    > (oh, you are the smart one who didn’t
    > want to follow the upgrade instructions…)


    7 minutes ago, moshu wrote:

    > So, in that case you do NOT have these
    > lines in your wp-config:
    > define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);
    > define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);

    incorrect. i DO have these lines in my wp-config.php file. probably due to the fact that i did a “clean install ” of WP 2.3.1.

    i upgraded by doing a “clean install” of WP 2.3.1, and “pointing” WP 2.3.1 to a copy of the 2.0.2 database via the wp-config.php file.

    the copy of the database was made at the mysql level.

    hopefully these details can help in guiding me. please ask if any other information is needed in order to help me.


    18 minutes ago, moshu wrote:

    > Was this a Fantastico upgrade?


    ok, so i searched the forum and noticed the various posts referencing the UTF-8 issue.
    this post in particular stood out:
    Convert database to UTF-8
    as informative as that post, and these referenced links were:
    Converting Database Character Sets
    UTF-8 Database Converter
    i actually feel more confused about the nature of the problem i’m experiencing.
    i did run g30rg3_x’s ‘UTF-8 Database Converter’ against my 3.2.1 database (per his guidance) but the problem remains.
    is it true that this seemingly wide-spread problem does not have an automatic and robust fix? and that the only way to “fix” the problem is by thoroughly understanding and executing the instructions on the ‘Converting Database Character Sets’ wiki page?
    any and all advice would be seriously appreciated.
    i still have a copy of my 2.0.2 database. so i can perform any type of procedure that is necessary to fix this problem.
    if someone can re-state (in words different than what’s in the ‘Converting Database Character Sets’ document) what i need to do, i would be very grateful.
    also, any suggestions on what to observe to positively identify the exact nature of my problem (if it’s not patently obvious) would also be very helpful in helping me to understand the nature of the problem.

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