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    Hi @plantprogrammer – I will try this, thanks.

    But it is a bit weird or I would say frowned upon to use hooks that are not officially documented.
    Yes, I could and can read the code to find the hooks, but not being documented also means the developer might just change them or their behaviour at any point.

    I would really hope for the Devs here to confirm we can use that, and well.. a DEV doc would be amazing I think

    Thanks again for the input, I will try that (looks like exactly what I need) and confirm if it works.

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    Hi @bcworkz – sorry the late reply.

    I did move on with another approach on this issue here, I think I had overthought the approach and was able to resolve it without the app-pwd feature.

    Thus, closing here – sorry to “waste” your time without even trying what you suggest, I am pretty sure you are right thou.

    Hello @vduvencioglu and @rauljauregi as you can see when reading thru the extensive thread, none of these issues are in any way related to WordPress.

    Please do not piggyback issues with “me too” and even if, please prior to that read the thread, which has been very thoroughly investigated – it will outline how this is impossibly an issue with WordPress and no solution will be provided or can be provided in this forum, rather, you have to debug your respective cases and take it up with Amazon probably.

    Interestingly enough that action parameter is part of this.

    But it certainly has nothing to do with WordPress, and is unrelated to the report you sent prior.

    That prior report, if anything, needs to be reported at the place I mentioned earlier.
    The last “code” you share (that is not really code, it is just the query parameters) is not part of WordPress at all, and likely either part from custom code, plugin or theme.

    Thus in that case you’ve to reach out to the specific plugin or theme that produces that query.



    I somehow missed that you want to do this on a block presence….
    I don’t work with blocks so I literally wouldn’t know how to detect if an image is added by/to a block

    Usually I just deregister those sizes I don’t want
    That usually solves all upload activities and the specific size won’t be created…

    I hope some block-savvy user can jump in here 😀



    That is often a problem with the remote side of this update.
    Most likely the plugins you try to update are not stored on the WordPress repository.

    I have seen that error a lot when plugins are stored on “private” servers (like it is often the case for paid plugins not stored on WordPress Repository)
    They have some issues (I couldn’t tell precisely what) that causes the error and it needs to be reported to those plugins often, but lets see…

    There are by what I remember from when I used to work at such a plugin company 3 main things that can cause this error and none is due to WordPress:
    – The file that is being “shipped” as an update does not use the correct file structure (issue has to be corrected by the “provider” of that plugin)
    – The file that is being “shipped” as an update is extremely large and you’re hitting memory limits. This can theoretically be solved on your end in the server BUT it is most likely again related to their Plugin being too big (for example, it might include unwanted build files)
    – There is not enough space on the server left. This would be an issue to correct on the server.

    If none of them is an issue the problem is likely on the remote side and you need to get in touch with the provider of those plugins.



    Hi there

    What you see is a PHP notice (an error) due to the plugin js_composer and most likely related to the PHP version your server runs.
    It seems an error that was happening in the js_composer plugin with PHP version 7.4 back in 2019 so it is very likely that they fixed it meanwhile, and you’d have to update said plugin if there is some update notice.

    If not, or the error persists, please reach out to their Support Forum (

    If you use the js_composer plugin bundled in a theme you would have to reach out to that Theme Support Forum instead.

    By And, I can’t update 3 plugins., what do you mean exactly?
    What happens?



    It is not disappearing, it is just a huge section towards the bottom of that page that is empty.

    There seems to be a Widget Block producing some carousel and that carousel is not putting out any images, as it seems.

    Also, even if my browser does not use any Ad Blockers the site warned me loading that page with a warning that “Blocked because of ad blocker”

    I wouldn’t want to whiteliste a website just because it tells me to do that, also because I do not run any form of ad blocking, so there is some other issue going on here.

    Please remove these things if you need help from the community, so they can navigate the site both safely, and without the need of any whitelistings.



    If you are sure this is due to the DUO plugin you can and should reach out to their Support Forum.
    I think, but am not sure, you mean this plugin
    So the Support forum to seek help in would be this:

    Most likely there is some customisation of the login urls happening here, perhaps by custom code, or by that plugin. If you are sure that disabling it resolves the issue, and enabling it brings it back, then the forum of said plugin is the proper place to ask for help




    I think this thread here is very similar in the solution I would propose here:

    You need to figure out how to store the data (possibly as post types and meta values) and then find a tool or create code that helps you to query that data and present it to the user in form of a loop with a search input.

    The tools I outline in the above linked topic might just be what you need.

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
    In reply to: Robotstxt


    Please open another topic with the second issue, it will be easier to help each other out like that.

    Related to the robots file, you don’t need google to get a robots file to work
    You just need to add the robots.txt file to the root of your install.

    Like, if your WordPress website is then place your robots txt file at

    This is done by placing it in the FTP on the same level as your wp-config.php file is, for example (or .htaccess file, or wp-admin folder and such “root” components)

    In the robots file itself you can add something like this:

    # All Bots
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /wp-admin/
    Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
    # SemRush
    User-agent: SemrushBot
    Disallow: /

    This will for example block semrush bots, direct the bots towards your sitemap if you have one, and set some allow/disallow rules for general access to folders/files on your install.

    I myself do not use Google console as it will not really increase any form of traffic and usually just signifies more work for not much profit.
    However, if you need it, you might want to start here to validate your robots file:

    Hope this helps!

    Great to hear it worked, @jillyspence (and sorry the late reply)

    You are definitely allowed to say anyone’s name in here, what is not adequate is opening a new topic and immediately in the first post “calling” someone by name for help.

    Now, if you are already in a discussion like here, it is just “normal” that you’d be mentioning each other’s name.
    Specially if the discussion spread over several users.

    But it’s like in “real” life.
    You wouldn’t enter into a store and immediately call for “Marianne” just because you’ve heard that a “Marianne” works there or have interacted with her before. You’d instead look out for the next customer service desk or representative and then interact with the person you’re assigned with.

    Similarly, although we are no customer representative, instead “just” volunteers”, here in this forum you wouldn’t open a topic and call someone by name for help. But within the very discussion in the topic that is absolutely fine.

    Hope that clarifies things and makes using the forum more comfortable 😉

    I see

    Just set the z-index then, it works fine.
    You might need to change the selector a bit, since it is a tad generic, and depending on where you add your css it might also be overwritten by other CSS.

    I added a screenshot showing how I add the CSS to the console.
    You might want to try that and then try adding it to your stylesheets.
    It might need more specific class on that section to address it properly, or, an !important statement, if your stylesheet is somehow overwritten by others…

    I can see it working now…

    I cannot see the CSS added, however, so probably you resolved it else how?

    There is a HTML div with id testimonials that covered the entire website and this DIV is not there when on mobile, so that is why it works on mobile.

    The DIV holds a bunch of child-html elements but these elements hold no content, so it seems actually to be empty.
    Yet, if hidden, the actual content disappears…

    So there are 2 options here:
    – either some JS takes content from the prior section and moves it into this section on the fly
    – z-index values are conflicting.

    It very much seems the second problem

    1. You can in fact delete the full DIV section ID testimonials and then give a high z-index on the DIV with class col-main that precedes said testimonials DIV.
    Then immediately the buttons become clickable.

    This CSS should show the solution:

    .page-inner .col-main{
        z-index: 99;

    But that won’t resolve the real underlying issue which is somehow related to having a empty section on the page filled with empty HTML that overlays said page-inner col-main section.

    That could be due to the theme or custom code or else, which you need to debug further, however the CSS rule above will at least temporarily resolve the issue and also show where the problem is happening.

    Hope this helps!

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