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    Hmm 🤔 I just installed recent version 1.4 and doesn’t looks that is fixed.
    FYI Safari v12.0.2, MacOS Mojave 10.14.2. Any info or help that will help you to identify the issue please let me know. Willing to help because I want this plugin work.😉
    Thank you for this awesome plugin.

    Getting same issues for my client. Someties getting mail sometimes not. Forced to switch to CF7 (Contact Form 7) and make my own multistep form that works. Just to let you know getting same issues and when I use CF7 works without any problems. Guys I assuming that you have some issues somewhere with caching system with AJAX. Maybe. I just asuming and not 100%. Didn’t checked in taht details.

    Tried to disable all plugins and same issue. The annoying part that works totally randomly. Sometimes get mail message sometimes not. With plugins enabled and then all disabled. Really tried to locate the issue but this random working not giving any logic to try to locate issue. That why I wrtting here.

    Might I can give some clue to you. Here list of used plugins:

    Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
    Limit Attempts by BestWebSoft
    Redirection By John Godley
    SG Optimizer
    Yoast SEO

    Hosting Siteground with their server cache enabled. Only thing that I can’t disable their cache system. If I dissable theri cache system it will get warning and site will be suspended due theri server resource restriction and high trafic that have. Already had problems with that.

    I switched to CF7 and made my own version. I thoought I will save some time with this plugin but the crucial part is not working. By the way it is great plugin. In short time setup and style it to fit to the site. Only the mail delivery problem forced to end using this plugin.

    If any additional info is needed that you think might help to locate the sissue let me know. I gave a chance to this plugin but failed in most basic part.

    It would be great to locate this and fix it. At least for future project can re use it when is delivery time is short.

    Updated and works perfectly. Nice!

    Hey, guys.I had the same issue exactly with Storefront Woocommerce breadcrumb removal. By searching, I found this topic with no solution. And after I figure out by myself with deeper studying those hooks. All answers you will find in WP codex. Just need to dig deeper. I will share some solutions that I made and should work to everyone. All code sample copy and paste in functions.php (the easy dirty way) or in /inc/structure/hooks.php (who use Storefront will know what I’m talking about).

    To kill that breadcrumb use this:

    add_action( 'init', 'remove_breadcrumbs' );
    function remove_breadcrumbs() {
       remove_action('storefront_content_top', 'woocommerce_breadcrumb', 10);

    Or if you want more page specific. For example to detect page template. Instead init we need to use lower action execution order to make work. For example is_page_template wp tag. We need use parse_query or lower. But not too low then will not work or vice versa. Here one example that will explain:

    add_action( 'parse_query', 'remove_breadcrumbs' );
    function remove_breadcrumbs() {
    	if ( is_page_template( 'page-templates/about.php' ) ) {
    		remove_action('storefront_content_top', 'woocommerce_breadcrumb', 10);

    Can say it is tricky to solve, but it is possible. Never give up. 🙂

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    Your are welcome.

    That would be great. So I can tell my clients to can update your plugin safely.

    Works like charm. Thanks.

    Seems author of this plugin not updating for a long time. Here what need to do to work that “Update” button.

    Edit this plugin in plugins admin page or in WP “/wp-content/plugins/wp-comment-auto-responder/wp-comment-auto-responder.php”.

    Find this code block:

    <form action="options-general.php?page=<? echo $_GET["page"]; ?>" method="post">
                <p>Write your message below:</p>
                <textarea name="wpcar_testmsg" id="wpcar_testmsg" cols="100%" rows="5"><? echo $_POST["wpcar_testmsg"]; ?></textarea>
                <p>Destination eMail:</p>
                <input name="wpcar_testto" id="wpcar_testto" value="<? echo $_POST["wpcar_testto"]; ?>" style="width:60%" />
                <input class="button-primary" name="wpcar_testsbt" type="submit" value="Send Mail" />

    and remove <form action="options-general.php?page=<? echo $_GET["page"]; ?>" method="post"> and also end of form tag </form>.

    This form tag is already used what is causing this conflict in some browsers.

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