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  • Excellent, thank you!
    Best wishes
    Róbert Badí

    Turns out this is not a newbie problem. There is a problem with the word ” by ” including the spaces. I am using Poedit and can translate other words and sentences fine except the ” by ” that appears before the author on the public pages.

    I have been going nuts over this as I thought I was doing something wrong and this word was my first target, but when I tried translating other words (at least in the admin section), it worked fine with my .po and .mo files which are saved in the following location:


    I’ll be skipping the author field until this is fixed.

    Thread Starter badi365


    Hi Iulia

    emm … there are 51 different sizes, which sounds crazy, right? I just see that from the settings page for your plugin but don’t know where that is calibrated. I’m rather new to WordPress. We bought a theme for our site, so I’m guessing this is a theme setting.

    One picture is for example 2500 x 1406 px and 1.4MB that I uploaded and caused an error. When I deactivate the plugin I don’t get any errors.

    And just to be clear, the images are generated despite the timout, I just have to save a draft for the article and refresh the page and click “add file” again to be able to add it to the article being worked on.

    Best regards
    Róbert Badí

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)