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  • Yes, I think you’re right. It’s because of my theme. I try to ask them to figure it out. Thanks Job!


    I figured it out but you will be surprised if i tell you how!

    After your reply about not seeing the html code of the Data Table i thought that might be something wrong with the table shortcode so i checked it. I went to plugin setting page and pressed “Preview” tab in “Table” section then i realised that Table starting to save itself! and after this everything became alright! Then for the next table, i just pressed save button and after saving existing table, it came up on the page. The mean i need to press Save button in table setting for all the existing tables one more time to get everything ok, and i don’t know why!

    So thank you for getting involved.

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    Thank you for responding

    Here is the page link for instance. I use table in all product pages to show product attributes but table is not presented.

    Hi guys…Thanks Mike for giving the solution and also Youthsoccer for following. I just checked my Checkout page again but the problem was solved by itself! I don’t know what’s happened but now the payment methods are not gray out! How really it can be possible! What i know is that, the problem was not related to my theme, other plugins, woocommerce plugin and wordpress. I guess it might be from my service provider ( web hosting ) because of some web server settings that they changed and now everything’s ok. Or even it can be from browser or server cache. Browser and web servers cache will be flushed and removed after a while automatically but it can be done manually. So Youthsoccer it’s better you talk to you web hosting support team and ask them about the problem, hope it can help. Even after all this, i want to know what caused the problem!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)