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  • Hello @joncook808,

    As we have tested with the theme latest version, no issues regarding the “disappearing” of the posts contents was found on our side.

    The issue might also be likely to have been caused by conflict with any third-party plugins ( that you might have installed recently ).

    To debug,try disabling your plugins one by one and check if it resolves the issue.

    If the issue is not resolved, please post in your website URL so that we can inspect the issue and provide a precise fix.

    You can also post in your queries to the theme’s official support forum for dedicated and swift support at :

    Best Regards !!

    Hello @creativamente2016,

    Upon inspecting your website, it is seen that you are using the blog page in the front page.

    You can control the no. of blog posts to display in the blog listing page from your Admin Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most setting option.

    You can set your desired no of posts in the field and save your settings and the selected no. of posts will be displayed on the front page.

    Also, for any further queries / issues, you can post in your issues to the theme’s official support forum for dedicated and swift support at :

    Hope this Helps,

    Best Regards !!


    The Header image is disabled by default in the front page of the theme as the front page uses slider section in place of the header image.

    Also, as per the theme design the header image overlay is added in the theme.

    If you want to display the header even in the front page and / or remove the overlay, please explain further your requirements so that i can help you with the changes further.

    Best Regards!!

    Hello @wayvas,

    The header in the Education Hub theme does not currently contain widget area.

    If you need to add shortcode from the plugins in the widget areas in the theme, you can achieve the shortcode output via Child theme implementation and using the text widget.

    To do so, you will need to Create and activate child theme. For reference on using child theme, see the link here : You can also use plugin for the automation of the task.

    After creating and activating a child theme, paste in the following code block in your child theme’s functions.php file :

    add_filter( 'widget_text', 'do_shortcode' );

    This will render the shortcode added in the text widget in the widget areas within the theme.

    Hope this Help,

    Best Regards !!

    Hello @multimastery,

    The header image in the theme is showing up and working as expected in the theme while we have tested locally.

    With the theme’s default design / layout the header image does not show up on the front page and is displayed for blog as well as inner pages. make sure you have uploaded a header image in the Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Header Image and “save & publish” your changes.

    Also, as the theme has the feature to disable the header image display on individual pages make sure that the “Header”> header banner disable option under the page edit screen > Theme Settings metabox is not checked. for the page you wish to show the header image.

    Hope this Helps.

    Hello EduardoWB,

    WEN Logo slider uses the thumbnail sizes available for the images to use in the slider.
    But you might need to regenerate thumbnails for the images that you have used to make them align properly within the slider area.
    Please use plugins like : Regenerate Thumbnails to regenerate image thumbnail sizes and upload them to your slider again and the images should align properly within the slider.

    Hope this helps you,
    Best Regards.

    Hello guptakushagra16,

    While inspecting your site URL, it seems that you have changed the footer credits by editing the theme’s files. It is highly discouraged as you will lose all your changes with theme update.

    It is far better to create a child theme for this task and edit the functions.php file of your child theme. To do so, in your child theme’s functions.php paste function restaurantz_footer_copyright() function from Theme folder > inc > hook > custom.php followed by following code :

    function resturanz_custom_footer_credits() {
    	remove_action('restaurantz_action_footer', 'restaurantz_footer_copyright');
    	add_action('restaurantz_action_footer', 'restaurantz_footer_copyright' , 10);
    add_action('init', 'resturanz_custom_footer_credits' );

    You can also check the pro version of the theme here: that already comes with the feature you are looking for.

    Hope this helps you.
    Best Regards!!

    The best way to translate the site would be to translate the theme’s translatable strings manually.

    To translate the translatable strings of the theme in your language you will need to create .mo file with french translation.

    To create .mo file with POedit software:
    1) Download poedit software(,

    2) Open the software, From welcome screem choose to create pot file to translate translation ready strings from the theme.

    3) You can now see a list of all translatable strings from the theme, select a string and choose “create new translation” option in source text tab.

    4) Choose your desired language and type in translation for individual source text. you can also select one of the translation suggestions given by the software.

    5) Save the created .mo file into your theme folder/languages.

    Finally, you can select your translated language from your dashboard > settings > general settings > site language. and save changes.

    Also, you can also post in any future queries in the theme’s official support forum at to get dedicated and swift support.

    Hope it helps,
    Best regards.

    Hello yoyowebwer,

    Can you please paste in your site URL so that ye can inspect your issue.?


    Hello iacino,

    Your changes should work from child theme’s functions.php file if you have correctly copied the function as per instructions.Please remember, we Never Recommend making changes to parent theme’s files as you will lose your changes with updates.

    Please check if you have correctly activated your child theme with the changes.

    To make the quote look like the quote above.. just paste in the custom CSS i’ve provided earlier.

    I have recreated your situation locally and everything works good as you can see in this screenshot.

    let me know if you fix the issue,
    Best Regards.

    Hello iacino,

    Please copy the whole function that i have instructed to the child theme’s functions.php. Upon inspection of your code, it is seen that you have only pasted in partial code of the function, and that is causing the error.

    Remove the code you have pasted in and specifically copy all the code from

    function bizlight_home_testimonial() {



    right above endif;

    you need to copy all the code between these lines and then add the custom class like you have done.

    Also, please add the custom CSS for the alignment of icon.

    Hope you understand.
    Best Ragards.

    Hello iacino,

    To replace the carousal indicator (white dot) below your testimonials section with fa-quote class you need to add a custom class to the existing carousal indicator class.

    To do so you need to find and copy function bizlight_home_testimonial() function fromthemes > bizlight > inc > hooks > homepage-testimonial.phpto your child theme’s functions.php

    In your copied function find <ol class="carousel-indicators"> and replace it with <ol class="fa fa-quote-left cust-quote"> (for font awesome quote left icon ).

    Finally, paste in the following custom css for icon alignment :

    position: absolute;
        bottom: -58px;
        left: 50%;
        z-index: 15;
        width: 60%;
        padding-left: 0;
        margin-left: -30%;
        text-align: center;
        list-style: none;

    Hope this helps you,

    If you want more dedicated and swift support on the theme, please visit the theme’s official support forum where the theme’s official support team are stand by to answer each and every one of your questions.

    Best Regards.

    Hello barrysmith,

    To rearrange the order of the front page sections, you need to add some code to your child theme’s functions.php.

    You need to have modest understanding of WordPress hooks for rearranging sections in desired order or you can Hire a Customizer for the task.

    As per your example, you can paste in following code to your child theme’s functions.php to move your blog section appear above Featured Section

    function bizlight_home_sections_priority() {
    remove_action('homepage', 'bizlight_home_blog', 20);
    remove_action('homepage', 'bizlight_home_featured', 20);
    add_action('init', 'bizlight_home_sections_priority');
    add_action('homepage', 'bizlight_home_blog', 21);
    add_action( 'homepage', 'bizlight_home_featured', 22 );

    Hope this helps you,
    Best Regards.

    Hello bilalzafar256,

    I’m sorry but the support forums are meant for the core application, themes and plugins that are distributed on We do not support themes downloaded from elsewhere. see this

    Since you’re using a commercial theme we’d ask that you post your question with the theme vendor’s support for help with customizations and issues.


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