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  • Hi Suzi, I must admit I thought it was a bit strange. All I know is this stuff wastes so much of my time these days. 15 years trying to run a website and I never seem to get any better. More things break now than ever. I’m left scratching my head trying to work out if it’s something I can even fix or if it’s worth spending hours reading in forums when I seem to be the only one with the problem. Never know who to ask for help. Paranoid I’m missing out on potential sales, it will just break again at random if I don’t test it everyday in the live environment. I have enough things slowing me down without problems accepting payments through a simple shopping cart. It’s 2019, not exactly new technology yet it is very unreliable and frustrating for a small one man business who don’t have tech departments or in house geeks to turn to.

    Thanks Amanda. Unfortunately I am my own theme developer these days I just kind of got it all running myself from a very basic framework. WooCommerce came later and I’ve just learnt as I go along but don’t have the time to learn it well.

    I do have Storefront. But in the end I just uninstalled Square and went with Stripe instead and it’s now working so I’m not messing with it now sorry but if I ever find out what caused it I’ll get back to you. I still use Square for most of my other business and invoices just not on my cart now.

    Please explain more. In what way were you breached?

    Yep, did they even test this? Unbelievable!

    I tend to agree. I’m sick of these over hyped over paid tech idiots ruining my life in so many ways while they get richer and slow down my business with their bright ideas and endless upgrades.

    I really thought WP was something I could rely on, I thought they at least had half a clue.

    Mine is working again! Google must have changed something because I left everything as it was and now it’s working again so hang in there, it might come good for you too one day. Just wish we knew what was going on.



    It’s got even worse…. Now when I right click to copy the customer’s email from my form (so I can paste it) another window opens up as a compose box. It seems Google is assuming I want to send that person a whole new email rather than simply replying and keeping it all in the same conversation thread (avoid confusion).

    So just when I got used to this extra step of copy and paste I now have an extra step of having to close this annoying pop-up window in between scrolling up and down from the original form entry to the reply I have started and am pasting into.

    Ridiculous waste of time! So annoying when something I do every day just gets more and more complicated because someone at Google decides to experiment with a new way of doing things then try to force it upon us as the right way.

    Does anyone who actually uses Gmail test these things first before implementing changes upon us all? Or is it just some crazy idea they come up with in a quick meeting while on their way to a long lunch?

    Let’s add extra steps to everyone’s lives and complicate it further for them.
    Great idea!

    Firstly thanks for making this plugin, I appreciate it and will make a donation if I continue to use it.

    I have the same issue, although I’m not as rude as that other person and don’t expect you to fix it in 2 days right on Christmas free of charge!

    Just letting you know it’s been annoying me a bit as well. Won’t go away but if this is normal I will just put up with it for now. Also not sure what size my logo needs to be, it keeps telling me it’s not the right size and I’ve tried numerous small and large, square and rectangle. I’m trying sizes that work ok for my logo on all my other places, both .jpg and .png. Not sure if I should ignore the message about that as well. Perhaps that is what is triggering the other message on the dashboard?

    ‘WooCommerce Gift Coupon plugin has been activated. Please go to the plugin’s settings and configure this plugin’

    I think it’s all working fine apart from this, although no-one has bought one yet to try it out 🙁

    That’s the conclusion I came to as well, wasted so much time on this, even spoke to a few people at Google who aren’t even aware of the problem it seems, let alone admit to it. Forget about the extra step involved in actually fixing it for us. Obviously too hard for them to look after their paying customers. Too big to care it seems. They could at least look into it for us when we tell them, instead we have to do all the running around trying to find who is at fault. Crazy world we live in where the giant companies of this world sell us an empty box then we have to fill it with a product and maintain it, fault find it and keep it working for them to keep making money from it. While they use this money to develop and create ‘updates’ that wreak havoc worldwide and costs businesses money and time. Then ignore us when we question their product.

    I’ve been told by Google to contact the plugin author as it is not their problem!
    Which plugin author?

    The problem is obviously Gmail for sure. Probably a new security thing we all just have to live with. Perhaps they have no intention of fixing it, perhaps it was done deliberately.
    Months go by and no-one involved answers these questions while 1000’s of us wait and try to get on with life.

    And I’m using the same email account to send as, when using my phone and when using the desktop (where it doesn’t work), so the issue is not what you set as ‘send as’ in your gmail because it works from my phone with that same account and email address.

    It worked fine for over 2 years for me, I didn’t change a thing then it just stopped working recently on my desktop.

    Thanks, Do you mean the admin email in WP? …I tried that, didn’t work, so I set it all back to the way it was until I find out for sure what is going on.

    I have noticed that if I reply to my form using Gmail on my phone (Android) it still works and has the correct email in the To field.

    So it only started happening for me on the desktop (where I need it most).
    I’m still thinking it’s a Google thing, only started happening recently, WPForms is doing the same thing now as is Contactform7. The one thing in common is they all come in to my Gmail Inbox.

    I’ve tried various things to fix.
    I’ve now removed Contact form 7 and just using WPForms but the same issue remains.
    Only on desktop, perhaps it’s a chrome thing?
    Is everyone else who this is happening to using GSuite?

    I don’t like to go messing with all my setting spending hours trying to fix until we at least find out what caused it.
    This was all working fine.
    Somebody changed something with an update and now we spend hours looking in all directions without knowing what caused it in the first place.
    I spoke to Google last week and they say the issue must be with the plugin and to contact the author.
    Both plugins are doing it and only if using a desktop (Chrome browser) to do my emails.

    Is the issue with Chrome?
    Who knows?
    Someone must have the answer to this at least.
    Then we can work out a decent fix for everyone.



    Well I’d rather not mess with it for now, hopefully it will sort itself out. The thing is, I think I remember being told to make my reply-to the same email I use as my alias. basically had to use the same email for everything in my settings and have it all set to work through the SMTP plugin just to get Gmail working through the security filtres from my website server and through theirs etc (which I pay for the privilege each month for my business). It was a real hassle to get working after it stopped last time so I’m reluctant to fiddle or I might miss out on emails from my contact form all together, either that or my customers will never get my replies and I’ll never know.

    I have enough trouble getting my invoices to go through to peoples emails these days.
    It takes way too much of my time all this stuff. While my customers wait… Too many security settings to work through and fiddle with just to do basic online business, tasks which used to be easy 10 years ago are now unreliable and costing us time/money daily. Thanks Google!



    Yes, lots of extra work, its getting annoying, especially if I forget which keeps happening then I have to go to my inbox, delete the one that came to myself and do it again.

    And to think we pay for the privilege of using this superior way of doing business in 2018. I was quicker at daily tasks on the pc in 2004 when I first started, and I was doing the same thing back then, simply replying to inquiries from a contact form. Now its my full time job almost and I make less money because of crazy stuff like this slowing me down daily! And paying for all this extra crap just so we can operate online.



    I feel your pain.

    Now my form isn’t even scrolling to the ‘Thank You for Contacting Us’ message (form area on my page) after my customer fills it out. This is causing the issue where they fill it out again thinking it hasn’t been sent. I’ve had both these problems before and spent hours fixing.

    I can’t believe how hard it is to simply maintain a working contact form on a website in 2018,
    I remember going through all these problems over 10 years ago. Nothing changes!

    Now I have no captcha, no easy way to reply to a customer form, and no more patience, I give up, until I find a decent solution or at least someone to acknowledge why this has happened and with what update. Going around in circles looking at SMTP settings, API’s and things that I don’t dare change because it all was working with the existing settings still in place.



    Did Google just change this recently? If so it would be nice to have a warning from them when it happens that your business is about to suffer and you will waste hours trying to fix something that simply can’t be fixed anymore. I’m so sick of things just breaking from some issue beyond my control while the giants who cause it continue to grow and make money from all our hard work getting their crap product to work.

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