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  • Austin from WP Engine here.

    Ajay is 100% correct about not being able to run plugins that use FULLTEXT on WP Engine. Here’s the post we wrote with all the details:

    TL;DR is that FULLTEXT is more or less fine if you don’t get much traffic, but our infrastructure is set up to scale aggressively, which means we cache everything possible and avoid hitting Apache everywhere possible because that slows things down so much. Querying FULLTEXT more or less negates this, and causes a lot of performance issues for your sites. At best, it slows response times down. At worst, it craters the entire server.

    In the post, we recommend taking a look at nrelate and Wordnik for similar functionality.

    Also, so you don’t have to take my word for any of this, check out the blog post I googled from Chris Lema about Related Posts plugins: That should provide a credible second opinion here.

    Something I forgot to mention here – 3K visitors a day is about 125 visitors an hour. That’s definitely something that shared hosting can handle for you. You don’t necessarily need to jump up to a premium host for that traffic yet.

    The folks listed on the recommended hosting page will suit you just fine as long as your traffic stays in that ballpark.

    Simpler answer than above 🙂

    Hey guys, hosting topics will typically be closed since they attract a lot of attention from “free hosting” and “unlimited hosting” companies, so I’m going to try and answer this questions as well as I can, Marius.

    What you’re looking for is a Managed WordPress Hosting company. Someone that will be more expensive than GoDaddy / Bluehost / Dreamhost, but will be one of those “you get what you pay for situations.” Here are the 4 companies I would recommend looking at: ZippyKid, WebSynthesis, Pagely, and WP Engine.

    Now, I’m a WP Engine employee, so I’m totally biased and I recommend you do your own research into the best fit for your needs. Here’s a thread on Quora that I answered recently which contains links to several conversations that handle this very topic:

    As far as pitching WP Engine: we can handle 3K uniques concurrently if the need arises. Most managed hosts can do that, no questions asked, so you can’t go wrong with any of the 4 companies I’ve listed. Also look into the security protocol, and the support of the hosting companies. WP Engine has a staging area, automatic backups, and Git-Push in case you like doing version control.

    Please check out each company and see which one fits your needs best. They’re all top notch, and run by amazing people (I’ve met them).

    Hey Ron,

    It’s a good question you’re asking. Finding the right host is one of those things that is different for everyone because chances are, your WP site is really different from everyone else’s.

    So it sounds like you’ve grown a site on shared hosting, and the time has come to upgrade to a more scalable host that can grow with you, but not add any hassle to your life when your traffic spikes. For the record, I still have a bluehost account where I host a few sites for my family. I’ve always loved their service. For you, it sounds like managed hosting is the way to go. It doesn’t sound like you’re interested in running your own VPS 😉

    Now, I’m horribly biased since I’m the brand ambassador for WP Engine, so please verify what I say here for yourself. My goal is that you find the host that makes the most sense for your site, AND that you’re actually *happy* about your hosting provider.

    <Now prepare yourself to hear all about WP Engine (Engage Marketing Speak!)>

    WP Engine provides very scalable hosting. We regularly host traffic spikes of 10x normal, and then some, without any downtime or loss of performance. We only host WordPress, so we have tailored our stack to make this possible. We will never throttle your site if you exceed your traffic for the month. If you have a traffic spike, that usually means you’re being successful, and we want to make sure your website is prepared for that success! Of course, if you need to upgrade to handle continually growing traffic, that’s a really simply process, and we’ll take care of all the complicated stuff for you.

    The thing you’ll like most is our tech support. We only have WordPress experts on staff to answer your questions. And while we can’t provide custom development for your theme as part of support, we know WordPress, and can solve problems on far more than just the server side. You’ll never be stranded without help on your site.

    Again, don’t take my word for it. Here’s a list of other managed hosts you should look at: ZippyKid, WebSynthesis, and Pagely. I know the people from these companies, and we all spend time together at conferences. They’re all amazing folks who are providing hosting to thousands of WordPress sites.

    So you don’t have to believe me, a quick google will show you customer reviews like these:

    Ok, I’m done. /marketing speak.

    Please let me know if you have more questions. I’m happy to answer them and help you get settled at the right host, whether that’s with us or elsewhere.


    Hey guys,

    Wanted to weigh in on this one just a bit. Quick disclaimer, I work for WP Engine, so all appropriate biases can be assumed. However, and since WordPress is such a diverse community, there are a lot of good ways to host your site, depending on your needs.

    If you want someone else to take care of the install and updates for you, a managed host is a great bet. WP Engine, Pagely, and ZippyKid are all great options for this. There will be a migration process to bring your site over, though. If it’s a smaller site, then doing it yourself will take a few minutes. Larger sites are more complicated.

    Bluehost has a very simple install process, and they have great support videos to guide you. For example, However, you’ll still need to keep WordPress updated yourself.

    The simplest, and least expensive way, is to let WordPress host your site. They will take care of updates for you. This does limit how much you can customize your site, but only in the interest of keeping your site secure. The Core team has done a pretty amazing job of making an open source platform with millions upon millions of users very secure. You’re always in good hands here.

    I hope this helps. I’m happy to answer more questions if you have any..


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