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  • Hello
    i have also this issue for moth now

    i was wondering if you fixed that and how

    Thank you so much for answering…
    Yes , i did Enable Captcha On Custom Login Form in settings.
    i can add the login form by using wp_login_form() and the captcha appear
    i just was wondering if there is a function or short code that can be inserted in a custom login form , because as you see in example above it did not work by enabling this option in backend…

    Thank you again

    I tried the following :

    if( function_exists( 'display_captcha_form' ) ) {
    $cap = display_captcha_form();

    and to display it I used :
    ' . $cap .'

    but no luck 🙁

    here i am pasting the code of the login /register Modal

    <!-- LOGIN MODAL -->
    //check if admin allow registration
    $users_can_register = get_option('users_can_register');
    //if admin permits registration
    $users_can_register_tab = '';
    $users_can_register_form = '';
    if($users_can_register == 1){
        //add the Register tab to the modal window if <code>Anyone can register</code> chec
        $users_can_register_tab = '<li><a id="register-link">' . __td('REGISTER', TD_THEME_NAME) . '</a></li>';
        $users_can_register_form = '
                            <div id="td-register-div" class="td-display-none">
                                <div class="td-login-panel-title">' . __td('Register for an account', TD_THEME_NAME) .'</div>
                                <input class="td-login-input" type="text" name="register_email" id="register_email" placeholder="' . __td('your email', TD_THEME_NAME) .'" value="" required>
                                <input class="td-login-input" type="text" name="register_user" id="register_user" placeholder="' . __td('your username', TD_THEME_NAME) .'" value="" required>
                                <input type="button" name="register_button" id="register_button" class="wpb_button btn td-login-button" value="' . __td('Register', TD_THEME_NAME) . '">
                                 <div class="td-login-info-text">' . __td('A password will be e-mailed to you.', TD_THEME_NAME) . '</div>
    echo '
                    <div  id="login-form" class="white-popup-block mfp-hide mfp-with-anim">
                        <ul class="td-login-tabs">
                            <li><a id="login-link" class="td_login_tab_focus">' . __td('LOG IN', TD_THEME_NAME) . '</a></li>' . $users_can_register_tab . '
                        <div class="td-login-wrap">
                            <div class="td_display_err"></div>
                            <div id="td-login-div" class="">
                                <div class="td-login-panel-title">' . __td('Welcome! Log into your account', TD_THEME_NAME) .'</div>
                                <input class="td-login-input" type="text" name="login_email" id="login_email" placeholder="' . __td('your username', TD_THEME_NAME) .'" value="" required>
                                <input class="td-login-input" type="password" name="login_pass" id="login_pass" value="" placeholder="' . __td('your password', TD_THEME_NAME) .'" required>
                                <input type="button" name="login_button" id="login_button" class="wpb_button btn td-login-button" value="' . __td('Log In', TD_THEME_NAME) . '">
                                <div class="td-login-info-text"><a href="#" id="forgot-pass-link">' . __td('Forgot your password?', TD_THEME_NAME) . '</a></div>
                            ' . $users_can_register_form . '
                             <div id="td-forgot-pass-div" class="td-display-none">
                                <div class="td-login-panel-title">' . __td('Recover your password', TD_THEME_NAME) .'</div>
                                <input class="td-login-input" type="text" name="forgot_email" id="forgot_email" placeholder="' . __td('your email', TD_THEME_NAME) .'" value="" required>
                                <input type="button" name="forgot_button" id="forgot_button" class="wpb_button btn td-login-button" value="' . __td('Send My Pass', TD_THEME_NAME) . '">

    me also getting the same error .
    can you please fix it.. your plugin is much better from all the new plugins here , please fix it as soon as you can and thanks

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    its supported again 🙂



    clicking “check repository” doesn’t initiate the svn search, you may not have a languages directory. Check your site’s folders. There needs to be a writable languages directory located at /wp-content/languages/ otherwise the process fails



    i have the same issue… did you dind a solution ?

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