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  • Adam


    Ah awesome, there’s a filter for it. Must have missed that. Thanks Sally!



    @pierson Looks ok now! Did you find your problem?



    Hey ECHOOooo,

    Similar motivation here! Turns out there’s a few more of these bugs in data_form/javascript.php.

    So look for similar stuff (indicator.gif) around lines:
    122, 196, 240, 288
    (note: this is after I hacked it a bit, so line numbers won’t be exact).

    To be honest, I just commented those lines out, indicator.gif isn’t that important!

    Also I added:
    <?php header('Content-Type: text/javascript'); ?>
    to both data_form/javascript.php and data_report/javascript.php to fix some other errors I saw in the console.

    Now the buttons seem to work for me on localhost!

    Hope that helps,



    Cheers snowman!

    Looks like I’ve got what I need under control now, can’t fault the rest of plugin!

    One question you might be able to answer – I create a list interface and set permission: Public (for a front end view)

    I disabled all the controls for Edit, Delete, View in List Settings (icons disappear from the end of the row)

    However, I can still run:

    dr_deleteItem('dt_interfaceID', 'rowID','');

    myself if I want to. The dialog pops up, but the row isn’t deleted.

    Now I’m not sure whether it’s simply the lack of the delete icon that’s stopping that attack from working, or some deeper logic.

    Basically, can you confirm that Public interfaces keep my database secure? Is there another setting I should click to make sure that interface never allows updates or deletes, or is disabling the List Settings enough?

    Cheers!, A




    Also spotted this:

    jQuery('body').append('<div id="ui-jsDialog-'+eid+'" title="Loading"><p><img src="C:\~~WORDPRESS_DIR~~\wp-content\plugins\db-toolkit/images/indicator.gif" width="16" height="16" alt="loading" align="absmiddle" /> Loading Form</p></div>');
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

    Note the confusion between \ and /.

    Test: Is this problem resolved when using an online server as opposed to localhost? Answer: Yes.

    Suggested resolution: Use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR on javascript.php line 122.



    Hi ayu13, cadzgiz,

    In my case, this was something I had added to header.php (but may also be part of a pre-made theme you’re using).
    It looks like this:

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
        // with a bunch of lines here

    I was using colorbox via the Lightbox Gallery plugin.
    I wanted to change some of the settings, so I was interacting directly with the settings object, which was part of the colorbox object, which extended the jQuery object (if you follow!).

    However, on my events calendar page, there was no lightboxs, so the colorbox object never got added to jQuery.
    In that case, when I called jQuery.colorbox, it resolves as “undefined”.

    This is what appeared to break the calendar script, as it appears that jquery.fullcalendar.min.js is also extended the jQuery object (from what I can tell of the minified code!).

    Long story short – I think the issues with this plugin probably all boil down to jQuery conflicts.

    To test – Disable all other plugins, and switch to a standardized theme (e.g. twentytwelve). If the calendar works here, but not in your desired theme – you may be having similar problems.

    If you like, send me a link to your site and I can take a quick look and see if I see the same issue.




    Culprit found!!

    Perhaps someone can tell me why this was breaking the calendar?

    I had, in a document ready script:

    jQuery.colorbox.settings.current = "{current} of {total}";


    To keep it running, I just made it specific to the gallery pages where I need it, it now doesn’t run and interfere on the calendar page.

    if (jQuery('').length > 0) {
      jQuery.colorbox.settings.current = "{current} of {total}";

    Which I probably should have done anyway, but it seemed like an innocuous little C+V job!

    Advice: check every piece of javascript you have, especially those interacting directly with properties of the jQuery object!!

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    How was this resolved?



    I’m having this issue with WordPress 3.5.1 and plugin v. 1.0.4 (deprecated curCSS is no longer present in the js file).




    For the value of people like me, arriving at this very thread via googling, try this one:



    Try the “Force open to” option on the widget options.

    Hope this helps!




    If you want to completely remove custom.css and roll your own, you can:

    add_action( 'wp_print_styles', 'deregister_aec_styles', 100 );
    function deregister_aec_styles() {
        wp_deregister_style( 'custom' );

    in functions.php

    Hope that helps someone!



    Why disregard?

    I see this issue with the version I just downloaded.


    is the url of the American Flag.


    is the url the plugin is trying to use. It appears the author has created confusion for himself by naming the plugin’s directory similar, but not exactly the same as the plugin name, and then forgetting this.

    When I manually fix this (includes/output.php line27), I get gigantic flag images. This is due to the fact that I added the switcher to the header, inside the #branding tag, and they trigger the width:100% property of #branding img in the twentyeleven stlyesheet.

    Additionally, the plugin assumes the blog is situated at the server root, which is not ideal in all cases and certainly a mis-feature for development. This can be corrected by modifying line20 of output.php:

    <a href="'.get_bloginfo("url").'/?setlang='.$locale.'"';

    I recommend fixing both those lines in output.php, and also adding explicit styles for included images.

    Are we finished yet? Nope. I now found my page routing to be completely gorked, and could not access the ‘sample page’. (all this was performed on a clean WordPress install as of Apr 2012). Which sounds a bit like the other issue on this forum.

    Regardless, what I was actually looking for is a plugin that can switch between different languages (xili-language plugin) whilst on the single post page, which this plugin does not seem to do – instead redirecting me to (an albeit correctly filtered) blog root page. Anyone know a good way of implementing that?`

    The following css worked for me (overrides the inline styles):

    #cboxLoadedContent {
    	overflow: hidden !important;

    Hi All,

    Confirmation of Peter’s solution: I had changed my header.php file to UTF-8 (for Chinese text) and that caused this issue.

    I changed it to sans BOM and all back to normal.

    Wondering though, does this just affect browser inspection tools (noticied on Chrome and Firebug) and why?


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