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  • Apfelbiss


    It’s possible to set wishlists as public, shared or private, which we don’t use, because in our case it’s used as a watch list for the customer itself. Therefor all wishlists are private in our case.

    At which point exactly and how do the wishlists have to be marked as non-public?

    Today I noticed that the page is fast again as in the past and also the cache folder is probably not complete, but again very well filled, at least much more than in the last days. That’s a bit confusing, because I didn’t change anything.

    Is it possible that the errors by public wishlists have caused the preload to stop working properly?



    Unfortunately, I don’t know much to do with the answer.

    In the past, WP Fastest Cache preload feature worked and we have been using WooCommerce Wishlists for several years.

    Currently, the preload seems to stop working in general, as there are many gaps in the cache folder even for regular pages and WooCommerce products.




    it’s from the Plugin WooCommerce Wishlists (where we don’t use the public options, therefore we don’t need this to be cached), but does that have anything to do with the not working Preload?



    Sorry, it was my fault. I overlooked, that the “Settings” link in the toolbar is only shown, when you are actually on the WPFC settings page.


    I can also confirm, that the Drag & Drop ordering feature in WooCommerce core doesn’t work, when Post Types Order is activated.

    Beside the WooCommerce attributes it also affects WooCommerce categories.

    Can you say when this will be fixed?

    Thank you in advance.




    this is the current setting and – I think because of logged-in customers – the Preload is running even during the day, even when the cronjob isn’t active.


    too bad, but thanks for the answer.

    Is it possible to add the clear cache function for specific posts/pages not only into the row actions, but also into the bulk edit dropdown within a next update?

    That would be great.


    I think I have got the same problem, no images from external links are imported and linked to products, tested with WooCommerce 3.8.1 and 3.9.0.

    What do you mean with “command in the product title”?
    In my case I wanted to import images into an existing product, with only “sku” and “images” columns in the csv file.


    thanks for this hint.

    I have added a red cross, comparable with the grey checkmarks in the address fields:

    .woocommerce form #vat_number_field.form-row.validate-required.woocommerce-validated.woocommerce-invalid input.input-text,
    .woocommerce-page form #vat_number_field.form-row.validate-required.woocommerce-validated.woocommerce-invalid input.input-text {
        background-image: url(img/invalid_red.png);
        background-position: 95% center;
        background-repeat: no-repeat;

    This works fine.

    But when trying to visualize a correct VAT number, the green checkmark is always visible. Because other than the address validation from WooCommerce with grey checkmarks, the CSS class “woocommerce-validated” is always in <p id="vat_number_field">.
    Shouldn’t this CSS class only be added to the element, when the VAT was validated (independent of the result)?

    Thanks, now it seems to work. But it seems to last longer than expected. It would be nice if something like the number of preloaded pages in the last hour or start end end time of the last completed preload would be shown in the backend.


    my browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) say, that it’s not a secure connection, because the certificate is self signed.

    Also I must say that now I’m working on new plugin version where I try to optimize search speed.

    That sounds good. Can you already say, when this will be ready (approximately)?

    Is there no feature planned to add this information into the emails, so that you are not be obligated to save the entries on the server beside the local stored emails?


    I am wondering about the long waiting time (ca. 3 seconds) to get the results in the drop-down.

    The important plugin settings:


    • Cache results: On
    • Search in: Title, SKU
    • Show out-of-stock: Show
    • Use Google Analytics: On

    Search Results:

    • Show image: On
    • Show categories: On
    • All other View settings: Off

    In the store are ca. 2.500 published products:

    • 963 simple products
    • 1.506 variable products
    • ca. 4.500 variations

    WordPress 4.9.8 with WooCommerce 3.5.2 runs on a Managed Hosting server with 8 GB RAM and 2x 2,5GHz CPU (PHP 7.1.24, MySQL 5.7).

    It would be nice to get immediately feedback (not only via small spinner) as known from other stores. Especially it makes a bad impression, when the results are shown and the client types another character, that the plugin doesn’t react fast, but searches again for ca. 3 seconds (with the old results still open).

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    I have tried it with several combinations, but it seems that every unhook function always affects both sides: backend (order edit) and frontend (regular shop order).

    Therefore I couldn’t get it work for us.

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