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    Correction…those 22 are resulting from line 33 if (!$my_options[$defaults[$i][0]]) { in defaults.php

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    Add-on to above:

    We use another plugin named: Posts 2 Posts (from Scribu) and it creates conflicts
    when both are activated.

    Looking forward to a solution.

    You realize that this has nothing to do with the plugin but only the way WordPress is working/behaving?
    (You could/can change this by creating an own function, or another plugin, both possible!)

    All depending as mentioned by weblizar_support, that said following code can be used for login/logout redirect. (please lookup the rest for using code as wished in the Codex or by help of Google search).

    //redirect after login:
    wp_login_url( get_permalink() )
    // redirect after logout:
    wp_logout_url( get_permalink() )

    Good luck, and hopefully it helps you on your way.

    Because it has no German translation it is stupid or did you actually wanted to profile your own shortcoming?

    You (probably) mean that lack of knowledge(from your side) makes it too difficult for you to understand that you could translate it also yourself.

    Just try it and hand the translation (the .po and .mo files) over to the developer. Then (maybe) other ppl which have the same lack of knowledge as you have, won’t post this kind of ridiculous ‘reviews’.

    @rvola, nice seeing your support/response is quick!

    But please write/answer in english, it is more polite to other users here on wordpress and you do not need to translate it into english when same question is asked again!

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    In our opinion is this plugin missing some important code, namely; it does not clean any data from your database after deleting(de-install).

    -All questions which are created during the use of this plugin are not deleted after de-instalation. (FYI: a question is a custom post and is stored in the wp_post table and will NOT be deleted.)
    -All answers which are given on those questions are NOT deleted after de-instalation. (FYI: an answer is stored in the wp_post and wp_options table and will NOT be deleted.)
    -All comments which are given on the questions/answers are not deleted after de-instalation. (FYI: comments are stored in the wp_comments table and will NOT be deleted.)
    -Pages which are created by this plugin will not be deleted after de-install.

    Not deleting the comments means also it can cause a php Notice, for ppl which have debug active. This notice will stay till you remove all comments which belong to the questions, WOW that will be fun when you have/had an active community and you decided for whatever reason not to use this plugin anymore. (of course you will have the same problem even when you just where trying out this plugin and have it de-installed for whatever reason)

    People which have debug activated:
    Be aware your logfile will be -drastically- filled up after de-installing this plugin, have fun!

    Depending on configuration, your back-end will have this also visible. Click home and have fun when you see the Activities Colomn. Pray you have/had not to many comments on the questions. Same for the Comments page in the back-end.

    Maybe all is only happening because the way we have our configuration/site which is created for a huge community, who knows, but omg are we glad we found out a) during our development b) at first stage of testing.

    Hint to development of this plugin, FIX IT.

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    Thanks for the responce!

    For whatever reason 0 to disable didn’t work (but that is our problem and in this case not dramatic) but I solved it by doing some CSS for both and it works(of course). Was just hoping/thinking that there would be some code, my mistake.

    Have a great day and again, thanks for the time and effort.


    7 days later … my site got destroyed as usual

    That as usual says it all. Come on, the problem you had already before using this plugin, so do not blame it!

    If I were you I would ask myself: how did they come in/hacked their way through? As long you have no answer on that, YOU never will be able to do any against it.

    In your list there is missing …
    * I did not find any negative in the debug.log
    * I checked all important >server< logfiles
    * I protected/prevent access through FTP/SSH for outsiders
    * I created a new user and gave it admin caps and destroyed the ‘old’ one
    * I contacted already the provider for help (but that didn’t change/help)
    * ALL WordPress core files are owned by the >server<
    so you, only you can access them AND you need a SERVER/ROOT password to change/delete or add a file or folder(actualy never or seldom, except wp-config.php and .htaccess( but I assume they are already read/write protected)
    * I am sure my Theme isn’t compromising WordPress core
    * I did not add any compromising code to functions.php myself
    * I am sure the web-hoster is reliable
    * and so on …

    They still managed to change my WP core files

    Who says ‘they’ got their entrance through the front door…sounds like ‘they’ know an entrance through a backdoor.

    You know the most funny of all? I am not even using this plugin, a client pointed me on your comment and I could not resist to respond.

    I don’t mean to be offending at all but see the number of Active Installs?… It gives you some to think eh.. and your own ‘as usual’ was the trigger.

    Try some of the little listing I show, who knows maybe it helps..maybe it does not but at least you tried.

    If done all of them with no positive result, hint: change webhoster/provider


    Forum: Reviews
    In reply to: [WP Lightbox 2] add

    That is absolutely true!
    I didn’t realize it till I checked that after reading your responce.

    Thank you for the info.

    Forum: Reviews
    In reply to: [WP Lightbox 2] add


    +25 what?
    It add not even 1 table to your database, so what are you talking about?

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    So very sorry for late responding, didn’t look here for a while.

    Plugin which is used to create radio buttons: Radio Buttons for Taxonomies

    I hope this answer helps into the right direction.

    Thank you again for all time and effort and keep up the great work.

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    Duh… answering my own(stupid in this case) question.

    We gave our editors the edit_users and create_users capability 😀 and therefore they got also the capability to use this plugin. Which is our problem and NOT the responsibility of the plugin!
    We will have to make ourselfs a function to prevent them making use of this (imho great) plugin.

    Yes , this is shown while debugging. FYI

    For me following works like a charm;

    It seems following file: login-with-ajax-widget.php has it on line 16.
    I changed parent::WP_Widget(false, with parent:: __construct(false,.

    But I am absolutely not a developer I just searched for a (possible) solution.

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