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  • When I started using this plugin I initially thought this might be a problem, but you are able to update the the label under the “Placement in Navigation” metabox. You can change the label to anything you like and you can update it if you change the title of a page as well.

    You need to modify the CSS. Are you using a theme or did you build your own? If you are using a theme they often have a place to change the theme color (look in appearance menu for some sort of options page).

    If you have a custom theme or built your own you can go into appearance>editor (make sure you are on style.css) and do a find and replace of #FF0000 to #d31145.

    So I am not exactly sure what I did but I tried it again yesterday after cleaning up some of my template markup and I got it working without problems. Sorry for the trouble, thank you for a great plugin!

    Unfortunately it still seems to be ineffective on my end still. I am on WordPress 3.7 and using the latest version of this plugin (1.4). I also have bootstrap and jquery included in the header (jquery first). The javascript at the end of the plugin does not seem to be affecting the carousel – even when i remove it. If I change the default interval in the array within the plugin that also makes no difference in the interval time. Any ideas?

    I was able to get this using these settings:
    children of: current root item
    starting level: 1
    If “Children of” is Current Root / Parent Item, and no ancestor exists :
    Switch to Current Item: checked
    Include Parent: checked
    with Siblings: unchecked
    Include Parent: checked
    with Siblings: unchecked
    Include Ancestors: checked

    I am not sure exactly which of these are necessary and which are not, but it will give you something to play around with. One thing I have noticed with these settings however is that if you are in a top-level item and it has no children, nothing will display, not even the top level item.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)