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  • Great! in that case, i havenothing else to add then, hopefully you will find some time soon to fix this, and thanks once again


    I found the “root” of the problem, or at least more information in case you want to debug (i can still send you details for loging in, but with this info you might sya oooohhh i know what it is XD)

    So your plugin works fine as long as the url is like:


    But it fails when it comes down to pass urls such as

    In this scenario, the only option left is to add every page that contains ?lang=XX as in:

    This way it will work having both added (main domain url and specific checkout url)

    Does this help at all?


    In my case, im not worried about the duplicate content, it is ok for me.

    But just so you know the wildcard functionality, is not working or applying in my case. Is there any email address where i can send you details for and so you can see it does not work?

    kind regards

    Hey, thanks for your response.

    What im trying to acomplish is so i have this: (showing content of

    Everything works fine, except that i have to map one by one all and every single url that i want to point from to

    I would love to be able to simply say, map the whole domain all together, so no matter where the person navigates at he will be shown content.

    Well you will not beleive how dumb I am… yes, it was a cache issue (although not fully), now it is working “fine” except for the fact that after an order is placed, the user is redirected to the susccess order page BUT with the, but it is alright i just applied a tricky filter in analytics so I can track them.

    Thanks a lot for all your patience and once again thanks for such a good plugin.

    Kind regards


    I know you told me you where really bussy, but im getting to a dead end here….

    I dissabled woocommerce all toghether and it is still redirecting… do you have any other ideas in mind?

    kind regards

    Hi Matthias,

    The issue definetely lies in between those two, no doubt about it. And for hobby purposes (xddd if that makes sense) you definetely would like to put your hands on this installation att some point.

    I understand, in fact many other payable plugins wont even reply, so you wen further than many others would.

    Having all except the cart in the secondary domain is not a valid option, or at least not for the use we want to give.

    Im not sure if it will worth asking at WPML support forum, they tend to always point everywhere but them, moreover when it comes down to two giants as WPML and Woocoomerce, and with all my respects that was one of the reassons why i thought you might be more “inclined” to help me, appart than thrully beleived it was something to do with your plugin.

    Kind regards

    Hi Matthias,

    You are more than wellcome, and be sure that if it is a sensible price, I’m willing to buy your premium plugin as long as it allows me to do what im trying.

    As you said, yes, Im pretty close to make it work as intended.

    I use a pretty specific pluguin to prepopulate the cart/checkout (being same page) so although this plugin runs under woocommerce, it is not purely woocommerce.

    Appart from the checkout plugin mentioned above (which i dissabled, and still does not work) I cant think of anything else, more than what you just pointed out (woocommerce) to be “guilty” of this issue.

    Let me see if i understood you correctly. So your plugin does not make any redirections AT ALL during the process of using the mirrored domain right?

    It is an uncommon case mine, so my offer to peek into our website even for curiosity is still there if you want.

    As stated the weird thing is that it works fine as long as you are on the main language.




    I understand that, but my issue is that it is doing it when im logged in as an admin, that is the weird part.

    Well after your last update, yes it is fixed, thanks for fixing it and dont take it personal, when I said fool I wasnt saying fool to anyone in particular, and it must language barrier here, I’m not english native.

    It does show on mine too regardless of using the no thanks button or the X on top right corner.

    It is not a cache issue I’m afraid @hallsofmontezuma i dissabled it and still shows up on every page reload

    My answer was was innapropiate?? If you care at all about my opinion, his was innapropiate too comming from a support team, reagrless of being free or paid.

    Ok, sorry about it, but can then someone tell me how did he enable something in my theme without my permission (which could potentially have broken my site) and not tell me about it when we are trying to hunt a bug which is not present when applying the theme change, and was not pressent in any of the theme builders before your update?

    Im just curious on why he did a change and then say he could not reproduce the issue. Is he able to reproduce the issue by going back to the classic builder?

    And by the way, just so you know I’am a customer of AIO Pro version for other projects I do have, but not using Divi on those. I’m admin of over 34 websites out of which 7 are using your pro version. I use the pro version when is needed.

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    What is sure is that it does not happen on your previous version of AIO SEO, which means if any is your plugin conflicting with another plugin…. If i disable all plugins it seems to work fine, but i tried to find which plugin is causing the issue, by activating them one by one and i can’t find the root of the issue. I can give you credentials to access the site if you want

    CHeck the image link

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