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  • Is version 1.1.7 the latest version with the fix?
    *High five for your great work & support.

    Well, I am running into a few issues as my shop is based on charging shipping from products from various warehouses and are grouped accordingly for proper shipping charges when checking out.
    For example, 3 dif items in an order all come from the same warehouse and will be grouped/weighed for a shipping price from THEIR location. Samme applies to all products in an order if there is more than one from same origin.

    My original question though, applies to this example order (numbers not important) since the items on backorder will be left on hold but I can process/ship the others:

    Order #001

    TITLE($Price) x QUANTITY = Sum + Tax + $SHIPPING COST = Toal For Item
    Product A ($1) x 12 = $12 + $0.96 + $5 =
    Product B ($2) x 12 = $24 + $1.92 + $10 =
    Product C ($3) x 12 = $36 + $2.88 + $15 =
    Product D ($4) x 12 = $48 + $3.84 + $20 =
    Product E ($5) x 12 = $60 + $4.80 + $25 =
    Total SHIPPINg cost = $75

    That will split into 5 orders with correct items & quantities in each BUT no tax charges and the shipping charges for each split order will all be same as first order. For example, the first two split orders are

    Split Order #002
    TITLE($Price) x QUANTITY = Sum + Tax + $SHIPPING COST = Toal For Item
    Product A ($1) x 12 = $12 + N/A + $75 =

    Split Order #003
    TITLE($Price) x QUANTITY = Sum + Tax + $SHIPPING COST = Toal For Item
    Product B ($2) x 12 = $24 + N/A + $75 =

    Sorry if confusing but did the best I could for now. 🙂

    P.S. Basically I would only look into the tax not being charged in the new split orders since the shipping arrangements I have going on involve other plugins and settings that involve choosing a shipping method for each set of grouped items.
    WHEW! Haha!


    Yea, handling shipping charges in WooCommerce is SO complicated because it’s based on so much per specific shop; WooCommerce settings.

    My only thought would be if there is a way to create/split the orders for the customer so that they would have to go in THEIR dashboard and choose the shipping methods [which will obviously be based on the store’s (WC) shipping settings].

    Shipping is such a hinderance in WooCommerce.

    Hey sasquatchms,

    It shows here you have WP v4.9.4. Can you confirm this plugin & update are compatible? It [still] only shows on the plugin page that it was tested up to WP v4.8.5. I’m using it with v4.9.4 but just trying to see if the update worked out well for you.




    Thanks so much. You’re response time AND plugin are fabulous!


    I’m insterested in this also but look at the review by seangruenboeck. He added in code on github that I think is what you/we are looking for.

    I have sent Donnie (the author) a similar message about this a few weeks ago and after he understood what I/[we] meant, he said that he will let the developers know and get back to me “hopefully soon.” Just thought I’d update you since my contact with his about it is only 4 weeks ago. Please let me know if this was resolved. I might look into modifying the code myself when/if I find the time.

    Hey Victor,

    I am able to find the networks available in the General tab–>Social Networks available, but I am curious if there will be any more added to it. My client is interested in adding an Instagram icon/button to the sidebar. I suppos I could go looking through the php code to add in another element but wondered if there is an easier way. Sorry for not speaking clearly the first time.

    Many thanks

    I have removed it but it does not seem to provide results. I switched the minimum characters down to 2 so that I could search for the two chars: 4″
    However, it does not show proper results.
    I switched it back to minimum 3 characters and when I type,

    4″ x 6″ <–Everything with a single x shows up 4″ x 6″, 2.25″ x 1″, etc.
    5″ <– No results
    1″ <– No results
    2″ <– No results

    Line 28 of common.js has the following: (i am the first one, you typed the second):
    28 searchFor = searchFor.replace( /[`~!@#$%^&*()_|+\?;:'”,.<>\{\}\[\]\\\/]/gi, ” );
    28 searchFor = searchFor.replace( /[~!@#$%^&*()_|+\?;:’”,.<>\{\}\[\]\\\/]/gi, ” );`

    The one you typed previously removes that first single backtick (`) and exchanges the double quotation marks at the end with two single quotation (”) marks.

    I pasted for easy reference and comparison but do you want me to replace that line with yours? (Correct me if I am wrong but I also assumed the single quote you typed previously at the end after the semicolon was a typo)

    Thanks in advance!

    I should replace the line with that code? Or did you mean that I should remove the quotation marks from that line?

    Yeah, that’s true but what I think I am going to wind up doing is creating another User type, a duplicate of Customer [privileges], but renamed as Credible Customer so that for each order, I can check if it is a “Customer” or a “Credible Customer” and be able to make a quick decision about “processing” the order.

    Thanks for the help Mike. I was thinking about too much at once when I was asking this and your one sentence cleared it up perfectly. Haha.

    And for the record this is using WooCommerce

    I am wondering the same things Instantyellow. I have searched a few ideas but haven’t found anything that directly solves our scenario. I have thought about coding something myself to where I simply store a customer as “worthy” or “credible” so that their orders can be shipped/distributed immediately before payments clear processing e.g. if they pay by check, money order, etc. Waiting days to ship something from a customer I have had for years and I know is credible will generate a loss of sale for sure. If you have solved this problem, please share your insight. I will do the same if I can asap. Thanks!



    Hey Ben,
    I installed the free version and was reading through all the documentation but what I need the most involves the shipping calculation which, for the free version needs the PPS plugin. No point in that since I plan on purchasing the Pro version here.

    Anyway, since you have updated a bunch in past 3 weeks, my questions before I purchase are:

    1)Within a customer’s order, will the shipping for each item be individually calculated from the vendor owner’s address to the customer’s address and summed up for a total shipping cose? I think you said yes 3 weeks ago [above].

    2)Will I need to look up the [UPS] shipping rate for each item to each zone (setup as mentioned above) since I dont see a way for the weight to be considered in the shipping rate calculation?

    Before I found this plugin, I previously bought and plan[nED] to use Table Rate Shipping plugin since their zone setup was most versatile with wild cards but WCV Pro includes features I really want.

    3)I don’t plan on using the commission for the vendors since I will BE each vendor myself but it would be nice to automatically pay the shipping costs directly to the vendor. Possible?


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