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  • amcgall


    I had this problem and found that the CKEditor for WordPress plugin was the culprit on my site. I deactivated the plugin and all is well. Too bad because I really like that plugin.

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    More bad news about plugin backupwordpress. On my other site it deleted ALL the files including my back up files. Thankfully I do have a backup for the database which is stored off site.

    THIS PLUGIN IS BAD! I suspect it was corrupted by a hacker who hacked into the site.

    I had same problem. After updating the plugin I got the white screen of death which displayed a message stating “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.”.

    I removed the backupwordpress plugin folder and my site came back up.

    Well, in this case setting wp_debug to false did not work. PHP warning messages were clearly visible on my website. But only after updating to PHP 7.2.

    I’m very fortunate using the alternative method worked.

    What do you mean by “host dependent”? Don’t most hosts attempt to use newer version of PHP? It seems to me that as time goes by this will not be host dependent.



    Thank you for the info.

    This seems like a major issue. Why would they release this editor knowing this bug existed. I can’t believe they didn’t test the functionality of adding media to a document. I’m more than happy with the classic editor plugin. Maybe they should rename the plugin to “The working editor”. I really think the new editor should have been an optional plugin and not a basic part of WordPress. The new editor is far too complex and non-intuitive.

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    I did install Wordfence. Sadly the scan failed after 12 minutes. I read their primer about what do do if a scan fails prematurely. It’s a bit over my head. I’m not able to afford the premium package nor their support at cleaning my site. I’m retired on a fixed income and a very tight budget. Their $99 annual fee is more than I can bear.

    My web host, 1 and 1 is scanning my site and will deactivate any files it finds that appear to be malicious. I have removed the file that they recently discovered. I have also changed the password on my FTP account to a very strong password. Hopefully these measures will prevent future infections.

    In the twelve years I’ve run my WordPress site this is the first time something like this has happened.

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
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    How do I know that the malicious file did not emanate from I did not upload wordpress via FTP. I let the scripts do all the work. All updates were done using the automatic update feature within wordpress not via my ftp.

    What does wp-jsconfigs.php do anyway?

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    This setting under “Basic Settings” in the FS Contact Form settings seems to correct the problem:

    Return-path address (recommended):
    Set this to a real email address on the SAME domain as your web site.
    For best results, the “Email To” and the “Return-path address” should be separate email addresses on the SAME DOMAIN as your web site.

    Enable when web host requires “Mail From” strictly tied to site. (recommended, see FAQ) help

    @mbrsolution: I checked the link you suggested. It was the same solution I already read. They say to uncheck this setting: “Enable Form Post security by requiring domain name match for …” I have looked at every tab in the FS Contact form settings and see no check box that says “Enable Form Post security by requiring domain name match for …”. So again I am still clueless.

    I have read replys to similar posts on this site. They say to uncheck this setting: “Enable Form Post security by requiring domain name match for …” I have looked at ever tab in the FS Contact form settings and see no check box that says “Enable Form Post security by requiring domain name match for …”. So I am still clueless.

    I had a similar experience. I have a shared account on GoDaddy. I was using greater than 2GB of RAM. I removed Wordfence and memory usage rarely exceeded 256MB. Since one needs to pay for additional memory I opted to leave Wordfence uninstalled.

    I ripped out every hint of Wordfence on all of my wordpress sites. On one site it was using almost 2048MB of RAM. When that ran out the site died. I had the same issue on another site.

    So my simple solution is REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY.Until they learn to write more efficient code Wordfence will not darken the door of any of my sites.

    I’m having the same problem as the original poster. The problem is INTERMITTENT. But when the problem happens (sometimes for any entire afternoon and/or evening) my entire site slows to a crawl.

    I have deactivated all my plugins but that does not fix it. There are thousands of posts covering this subject bu moderators keep closing the topic. I wonder if they could tell us if this problem is being looked at by the WordPress gurus?

    The problem seemed to have crept in after version 3.6.

    And yes, I have created my own new post on the subject. I think the moderators must feel like they’re playing Wacamo by closing every new thread that carries this problem.



    I installed the memory usage plugin. This is the memory usage: Memory : 24.53 of 64 MByte. It appears I have plenty of memory left.

    btw, when I tried to use the automatic update for the latest WordPress update, it too just hung saying it was downloading the update. I had to install the upgrade manually.

    Oddly, some plugins do install automatically.

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