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  • Yep Jet sticky is borked. Just jumps to center of screen.

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    Hi @luckynasan , thanks for the reply. Since writing that review, I did dig through the GitHub for several hours, and let my imagination run wild looking at the plans ahead.. and even came across you a few times, responding to potential case studies and tickets – so I am honoured you took the time to reply to me here.

    I am very much looking forward to the potential this could open up.
    An easy to use, amp based new media format which is untether to any ecosystem, just screams to be used in many creative aspects.

    I have since tried many third-party applications suggested on the site, which do have some great functions, including animations, polls, quiz etc. Though these are not really viable as the google web stories are hosted on third-party sites, and embedded, so not ideal. Hence my excitement for this new WP version to come together.

    I am aware this is v1 for what could be something amazing, and so hope to be giving 5 stars shortly when new features roll it.. Its so very exciting, like a new wild west medium – of untapped potential. I am holding my horses for now before I dive in using it on a major project, until those few features are released, as I believe they will add so much more to the already great foundation you have built – making this something amazing.



    Likewise, I also purchased the bundle – I did receive the code- but the plugins do not work – and no support is offered – seems like they abandoned this program and stopped all support.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)